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Intergalactic Bunny Trail by HidonRedux

Nicely done. The color and mood is accurate, the feel OH! YES!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! IT is so fantastic and she is so beautiful!!!!I need mo...

Prego Pills pg 2 by Joji321
by Joji321

its okay but the story needs work though and the technique needs to be good improved a little bit more but the originality is Perfect i...

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Stuck in a bad place right now and no one to talk to with an open mind.... :( to my loyal fans or anyone who is reading this, I need to talk to someone for a little while so just send me a message and I'll try to get back to you....
   Jenna followed the the random customer known as Clay down the spiral stair case that led to an old elevator shaft just beneath the bakery shop that they were just in and to an old elevator that looked like it hasn't been used in decades to which made Jenna nervous as to why he was leading her to some place eerie and looked like something out of a Friday night horror flick. As the random customer known as Clay stepped onto the old elevator, Jenna did not but instead stood there looking at it's rusted structure with a worried look on her face because she was she didn't want to be in a elevator that looked like it came out of the Victorian era.
  " What's wrong? " The random customer known as Clay said, asking Jenna a question.
  " This thing looks like it's ready to give way. " Jenna said to the random customer known as Clay who stood inside the elevator.
  " I can promise you that it will not fall anytime soon so please get on because we're on a time schedule. " The random customer known as Clay said, pointing to his watch with his index finger.
  " I hope your right. " Jenna said, stepping onto the old elevator.
  With Jenna stepping onto the old elevator, the random customer known as Clay pushed an old red button that closed the elevator doors and made the elevator start to go down with a jerk as its gear spools haven't been used for quite sometime. Hearing the sound of the elevator that she was on rattle while it made it's way down to it's destination that was below them was unnerving enough for her without having to think about Steve trying to kill her to which made her even more nervous when she thought about it so she tried to focus on the situation at hand but even that wasn't helping one little bit when she noticed that the random customer known as Clay wasn't nervous at all which made her think and draw up a question that she couldn't help but ask him.
  " How are you not nervous? " Jenna said, asking the man that stood next to her a question.
  " Pardon? " The random customer known as Clay said, not catching the question that Jenna asked him.
  " How are you not nervous about being in this thing? " Jenna said, gesturing at shaking metallic box around them.
  " That's because I've been on this thing before so I'm pretty sure that it won't fall out from underneath us and besides, were here. " The random customer known as Clay said to Jenna.
  She looked at him with an odd stare as she was confused by what he said until the elevator moved its way from a dark elevator shaft and to a bright grey walled area that had two perfectly new elevator doors that were polished to fine shine to which the even showed both of their reflection's flawlessly. Jenna watched the shiny door's pull away from each other and open to a bone white area that had hundreds of people walking around with paper's in their hands, trying to get them to where they are needed along with other people sitting at office chairs while working on computer's that were flat screened and didn't have monitor tower to them.
  " That was one of the many on how to get to here so c'mon, lets get you to the committee. " The random customer known as Clay said as he stepped off the elevator and led the way for Jenna.
  Baffled as to how big the area was, Jenna stepped off of the elevator with thousands of questions flood her mind that she wanted to ask him while she followed him closely so that she wouldn't get lost in the giant white room that had a big sixty foot monitor screen along with various of rooms that people came in and out of constantly. She looked around as to how advanced everything seemed to which the questions that were on her mind kept on accumulating more and more until she had no choice but to give into the urge and ask the random customer known as Clay what was on her mind.
  " How can the committee afford all of this. " Jenna said, asking the man that she was following a question.
  " Simple, they got their hands into everything. " The random customer known as Clay said to Jenna.
  " Like? " Jenna said, asking another question.
  " From the stock market, all the way to government funds and grants that we control. " The random customer known as Clay said, answering another one of Jenna's questions.
  " I heard that the committee their hands into everything but I didn't expect something like this. " Jenna said, sounding astonished.
  " Your telling me? Oh and stand aside. " The random customer known as Clay said, pulling Jenna aside.
  " Why?... " Jenna said, as she looked over and saw to armed guards with high tech weapons escort a women with grey hair that was placed in a restraint jacket and had a mouth piece on that looked similar to a certain horror movie icon that was a deranged doctor who killed his victims by cannibalism then served the remains to guests that he would invite over for lavishing dinner parties just before a detective caught him.
  Watching the two guards wheel the women that clearly looked insane off to another section of the area that they were in, Jenna had even more questions to ask as she felt like that she was a little kid in a candy shop where they had a wide variety of sweets that she wanted so she turned to the random customer known as Clay and continued to ask him every question that was on her mind about the new area that she was in along everything else that she considered as interesting to which though that the older man who that she was with was starting to get irritated by all the questioning.
  " Who's that? " Jenna said, asking a new question.
  " Don't know by the way she looks though, I'd have to guess that they're bringing her to the mental ward section of the... " The random customer known as Clay said, being cut off by Jenna as she blurted out another question.
  " Wait!? This place has their own insane asylum? " Jenna said, sounding even more baffled.
  " Yes and a prison ward as well. " The random customer known as Clay said.
  " Why would they need that though? " Jenna said, asking him another question as she stared at the two guards and the women that was being wheeled off into another room that had very big doors that she had mistaken as a wall just before she had seen it separate.
  " When the judicial system can't catch someone for something that they did was very wrong and I mean so wrong that it's left out of the news papers and social media, that's when the committee starts their own investigation by sending two committee agent's like yourself. Now anymore questions? " The random customer known as Clay said, sounding irritated.
  " No, that's it. " Jenna said.
  " Good because we're gonna be late. " The random customer known as clay said, gesturing Jenna to catch up to him so that they wouldn't miss the committee Elders before they had left for the evening.
  Maggie continued to rub the sides of her belly until another ring let out, signaling that the elevator had reached it's destination as it's doors opened up and Maggie came out with both of her hand filled with bags of maternity clothing that she was sure would fit her along with the clothes that she wore before her massive growth spurt that left her stomach practically quiet as a field mouse that was trying to avoid being hunted by predators in the dead of night. Maggie waddled away from the elevator doors that closed behind her and made her way to her apartment that was on the opposite end of the building where she was more then relieved to be heading towards because began to grow tired from all the walking that she had been doing throughout most of the day.
  Arriving at her apartment, Jenna set her purse back on top of her giant stomach and began to rummage through it for her keys in order to unlock the door that her stomach was pressing up against. Maggie started to like the idea of having a large belly attached to her frame because it made it easier for her to place things on despite having a little bit of a mobility problem when came to climbing stairs and bumping into things that she hadn't did before but it was something that she would have to get use to even though that she secretly hoped that she would stay as big as she was now or maybe even grow bigger.
  Fishing out the key from the purse that sat atop of her belly, Maggie turned to her side and unlocked the door to her apartment then navigated her way so that she wouldn't bump into anything as she closed the door behind her. Placing her purse on top of her kitchen table, she waddled past her couch with the bags of clothes still in hand and made her way towards her bedroom so that she could get changed back into her pajamas along with putting her new clothes that she bought into her dresser then continue to edit her vlog video that she always posted up for her fans that loved her interest.
  Placing the bags of clothes onto her bed, she began to pull them out and place them within the dresser where the rest of her clothes went then begun to kick off her shoes and pulled off her maternity shirt that she had already fell in love with because it hugged her now larger curves almost perfectly if it wasn't for the slight bagginess of the shirt itself then she would absolutely adore wearing it but she also thought that having it bigger would be good in case if she goes through another growth spurt and her stomach decides to grow a few more inches then she wouldn't have to worry about buying a bigger shirt to fit her already giant belly.
   She tossed the maternity shirt over on her bed where her pajama clothes were lying when she took those off earlier in the day, just before she left for the mall. Maggie stuck her thumbs inside the waistband of her yoga pants and started to pull them down around her plump butt that now shook slightly when ever she took a step but had realized that her stomach had grown so much already that simply taking off her new yoga pants was beginning to tire her out so she pulled them down as much as she could then fell back onto her soft bed with a plop then maneuvered her feet around her the very large orb that stuck out from her body and kicked off them but left it hanging off of one foot as she pulled that foot up and took it off of then threw it with her new shirt that was on her bed.
  Glancing down at her very large body, she looked at the maternity bra and panties that the tall cashier had given them to her when she was at that maternity shop within the shopping mall earlier as she still couldn't believe how big she has grown since before she started to have the massive growth spurts yesterday afternoon including the size of her breasts and how they almost looked like fleshy bowling balls that sat in a purple maternity bra and created a mound full cleavage to which was where she still kept her phone. Remembering that, she pulled out her phone from between her breasts and threw next to her new clothes as she reached over for her pajama pants that were waiting their owner to place them back up around her expanding waist line along with the tank top that she was pretty sure wouldn't fit her but didn't care because she it made her feel sexy with her stomach sticking out from the top she wore.
  Maggie placed her pajama bottom around her foot that she pulled up and began to work them up her legs when she realized that not only her stomach along with her bust had grown, but her hips had grown as well because the waist band of her pajama bottoms were almost constricting but managed to wiggle her way into them then reached over to her tank top and tried to slip that on but her belly had grown so large that it was next to impossible to pull it over past her large breasts that made the tank top look like an extremely low cut maternity top.
  Giving up on trying to make her tank top go any further, she pushed herself off of her bed and waddled to her mirror that was in the bathroom and saw in shock how small her pajama clothes looked on her now then when she was wearing them before to which all she did was gawk at her own refection within the mirror that she was looking at. Having her eyes trace the outline of her very large body and how tight her pajama bottoms looked, she could swear that if she would bust out of them if she grew any bigger but she did hope that her pajama clothes would stretch out before the next growth spurt would come along.
  " I hope these pants can stretch a bit further. " Maggie said, rubbing the thigh of her pajama bottoms just before she left the bathroom and waddled towards the couch where she fell back into it with a solid plop.
  As she fell back and landed on the soft couch, Maggie felt the contents that resided within her shift around when touched down on one of the couch's soft cushions that felt comfortable to which made her feel sick to her stomach so she placed both of her hands on its sides while she rubbed subtle circles in it. Maggie moaned to herself as she felt everything inside her slosh around like a living creature that was searching for a way out of it's fleshy confines to which made her feel like she could vomit at any given moment but she tried to fight off that urge but it proved useless as she started to hear a faint gurgling noise coming from within the fleshy mass that made her sit with her legs open because of how big it had gotten.
  Feeling a great bubbling sensation that was working it's way up to her throat from the seemingly bottomless pit that her stomach was, Maggie started to panic a little bit as she thought that she was on the verge of vomiting up everything that she had eaten within the past twenty four hours and was worried of losing all of he growth progress that she has made and was not willing to let go. Closing her mouth as tight as she could, Maggie felt the bubbling feeling work its way up her throat as it caused her to hyperventilate just before her body took control of all of her thought process and opening her mouth when the bubbling sensation made it's way to the top of her throat and out of her mouth.
  Lurching her head back slightly, Maggie strained all of her throat muscles as she let out a light shattering burp that would've sent a fearless dog running with it's tail between it's legs and shattered nearly every window in her apartment building because of how loud it was to her. Maggie closed mouth as she started to feel relieved that the bubbling sensation that was working it's way up from her stomach turned out to be nothing more than a loud burp that was caused by the digestion of all of the food that she had eaten but was even more relieved as the gurgling sensation had stopped the moment that she had let out that belch that could've won her an award for first place in a burping contest against an entire group of men that did nothing but drink beer and eat chicken wings.
  " Boy, does that feel better. " Maggie said to herself, as she pulled her hands away from the side of her belly and patted the top of it with one hand.
  " Now, time to get back to work. " Said Maggie while she reached over for her laptop that sat next to her.
  Maggie picked up her laptop up off of the soft cushion that it sat on and placed it on her belly, seeing how it could now be used as a table top so she decided to put it to good use while she was able to before something happened that would make her giant stomach shrink back to it's normal size. upon placing it on it's new found perch, she lifted the screen top up off of it's key board and began to type in the password that would eventually give her access to finish the video vlog that she had started yesterday but couldn't finish it due to her being hungry and having a massive growth spurts afterwords.
  She moved the cursor on her laptop over to the tab that was at the bottom of the screen so that she could continue to work hard on editing the video log that she was so eager to post up onto the web for her fans to see as soon as she was finished editing it. What seemed like mere minutes to her was in fact hours flying by as she continued to work around the clock, trying to make sure that she didn't miss anything that she didn't want in the video of her growing a giant belly that looked like she had swallowed a beach ball full of water and sand that was starting to expand again one last time.
  " There, done. " Maggie said as she hit the save button that was on the left hand corner of her laptop screen. 
  Closing her laptop screen, Maggie began to wonder what time it was as she noticed that the lighting around her had changed since the last time she had looked around so she gazed up at the clock that was above her flat screen television and had realized that it had been six hours since she had last looked at the time. While being shocked as to how time managed to slip away from her, Maggie's belly began to grumble quietly as it started to slowly swell out further and attempted to make more room the occupant's that had not yet sprang to life within her because of the last two stages of the body enhancement medication that she had received in the mail earlier were still sitting where she had placed them.
  " That's total bullshit! " Jenna said aloud in frustration.
  " Now, Miss Jenna..... " One of the Committee Elder's said, just before being cut off by her.
  " Shut it, you English Muffin! " Jenna said to the Committee member who was trying to calm her down.
  " Miss Jenna! I will not tolerate such language while you are in this room, meeting with us. " The female Committee Elder's said with a stern voice towards the outraged Jenna as she stood furiously.
  " I understand your anger towards this situation but frankly however, you have neither proof nor word of mouth about this type of accusation towards Committee agent Steven. " The same female Committee Elder said, sitting back down in her chair.
  " But I... " Jenna said just before she was interrupted by the same Committee Elder who had yelled at her for insulting one of the other Committee Members.
  " So with that being said, your complaint is duly noted and will be thoroughly examined. Is that understood Miss Jenna? " The same female Committee Elder said as she glared at Jenna with a hateful stare.
  " Yes ma'am. " Jenna said, sitting back in her seat with her head hanging down as she felt both sad and defeated.
  " Meeting adjourned. " The female Committee Elder said, slamming the auburn colored gavel onto the table just before they all got up and left the room to which they sat in.
  Watching the Committee Elders leave in single file, Jenna glared at the one Elder who shot down her theory about Steve and what he was doing at Ringleader Pharmaceuticals concerning the girl that he was testing the experimental drugs on when she saw the same Committee Elder that she had called an English Muffin due to his accent hurry next to the other Elder that she was loathing with a passion at the current moment as she noticed that they were both talking and occasionally glancing back at her just before they eventually both left the room without another word said between them. Eventually Jenna got up off of the chair that she had been sitting in and exited the room when the same Committee Elder who she had insulted earlier had approached her from behind and tapped her on the shoulder so that he would be able to get her attention. 
    " Um, Miss Jenna? " The Committee Elder said with his English like accent, as he tapped on Jenna's shoulder.
    " If it's about that comment I made to you then I just wanna say... " Jenna said to the Committee Elder, just after she had turned her head to see who was tapping her shoulder.
    " No it's not that. I just wanted to talk to you about the meeting that myself and the other Committee Elders had with you earlier. " The Committee Elder said to Jenna.
  " What about it? " Jenna said, with a curious tone of voice.
  " Well, I'm betting that you saw me talking to Madame Whinslowe when we were leaving the conference room earlier. " The Committee Elder said to Jenna.
    " Yes I did. " Jenna said to the English Committee Elder whom had grey hair.
    " I was talking to her about giving you a second recommendation about the complaint you submitted with us about Steven earlier. " The Committee Elder said to Jenna as he walked with her down the hallway that was filled with office workers.
    " Okay, and? " Jenna said as she felt a little bitter.
    " And I managed to convince her into letting you get the proof you need but for only twenty four hours though, starting now. " The Committee Elder said, as he looked at his silver wrist watch.
 Shocked at what she had just heard come from the mouth of the man that she had insulted, Jenna wrapped her arms around him and gave the Committee Elder a bear hug that he could've swore that was going to break his back followed by a kiss on the cheek that represented he gratitude that she had for the grey haired Committee Elder. Jenna thanked him then hurried off down the hallway and to the elevator so that she could get back up to the bakery shop that had her car parked out in the front and begin to get the hard proof she needed to bring the house of cards that Steven had built up for himself that was now surrounding that girl he had her keep an eye on.
   " Do you want me to go with her? " The random customer known as Clay said, watching Jenna hurrying down the hallway.
   " No Clay, I am confident that she'll be able to find what she needs alone. " The Committee Elder said, stuffing his hands into the pockets that were on the sides of his grey and white suit.
  " Are you sure? Steve is pretty ruthless.  I mean, you remember what he did to that suspect on the Valin case do you? " Clay said to the Committee Elder.
  " Yes, I do recall that particular event and I am sure. " The Committee Elder said to Clay as he turned away from him and began to walk the opposite way down the hallway without saying another word.
  With the Committee Elder walking away from him, Agent Clay felt that couldn't persuade him into changing his mind and letting him Join Jenna on her hunt for proof against Steve so he fell silent and began to head for the stairwell to see who was the grey haired women in the restraint jacket that they wheeled in earlier when he was escorting Jenna. Opening the metallic door that led to a dimly lit staircase, Clay placed each foot out casually onto the cement steps that as he made his way back down to the main floor where he first saw the two armed guards escort the grey haired women that was wearing the restraint jacket along with a restraint mask into the insane asylum section of the underground compound that was shy of a mile deep from the little bakery shop that it sat under.
   Remembering where the two armed guards went, Clay walked down the busy corridor until he got to a pale white wall that had a black line running down at the center of it followed by a pin pad that had a speaker at the very bottom and a red eye scanner just at the very top. Pulling out his leather wallet from his back pocket of his blue jeans that he wore with his baseball jacket, he reached in and pulled out his security badge that he then waved in front of the red eye scanner to which began process the identification number that was just under the bar code of his security badge.
   " Processing.... Processing.... Good to see you again Clay, I hope you enjoy your visit. " The voice over the intercom said, greeting Clay with a warm welcome.
   " So do I. "  Clay said, watching the black line that ran down the wall began to grow wide. 
  Clay watched as the wall he stood in front of began to separate at the very center of where the black line had ran down the wall and opened up to another section of the underground compound that only certain high level Committee Agents who properly authorized had access to enter the dangerous area. As soon as he stepped over the thresh hold, the two walls that had once separated themselves to form a doorway had immediately began to rejoin themselves at the same black line while Clay continued to walk down the corridor that had brought back memories of when he was a young agent that had just been recruited. 
   While Clay went into the mental ward section within the underground compound so that he could see who was the new guest that was just brought in earlier, Jenna took the elevator that she rode down with Clay back up to the little bakery shop where she walked out of it's metallic doors and into the parking lot where her car had still resided. Quickly climbing down it's cement steps, Jenna made her way to her rose colored sports car that gleamed in the summer sun that was waiting for it's owner to climb in it's driver seat and start the high tech engine that managed to out run two police cars along with another car that was sent by Steve. 
   Approaching the driver side of her sports car, Jenna stuck her hand within her purse and fished out her car key which she then stuck into the lock of the driver side door in order to unlock it so that she could climb in without having to break in like she had to when she lost her car keys the last time. Turning the keys counter clockwise from where she stood, Jenna heard the sound of the lock on the driver side door pop up which signaled to her that it was unlocked and she could climb in without a worry as she was in a rush to get home so that she could get her gear for what she was about to do later on that night. 
   Pulling the car door open, she yanked the car keys out of the lock that they rested in just as she sat down on the plush leather that covered the seat along with it's interior. Jenna leaned back into the driver seat, feeling it's plush leather surround each curve of her body  to which she sat still for a moment as she enjoyed the comforting feeling of the cool leather soothing all the muscles that were tensed up from that morning's ordeal then reached out for the handle of the car door that was ajar and yanked shut which in turn caused it to make a loud sound that echoed throughout the parking lot.
   After closing the car door, she reached up for the seat belt that was behind her and pulled it around her trim waist line that she always kept toned by doing various exercises until her recent breakup with her now ex-boyfriend which made her slump into a bit of a depression that made her not wanna do anything. Sticking the buckle of the seat belt into the lock on her right side, she placed the car key in it's ignition and turned it clockwise that made the large engine that sat inside it roar to life once more to which she then began to back out of the parking lot upon pulling it's shiftier into reverse.
   As Jenna drove back to her apartment building, Maggie felt her stomach grumbling again but only this time it felt very funny to her so she placed her hand on one side of the giant gut that massively stuck out of her frame to soothe it when she noticed that her hand was starting to be pushed out. Looking down, Maggie saw her stomach had begun swelling out with force that caused her legs to spread apart which in turn caused her stomach to bellow out and drop with radical force as it was now trying to make as much space as possible for the unknown occupants that were making her feel almost nauseous as she felt something shift around very aggressively inside the behemoth that was her growing stomach when it dropped below her legs.
  Feeling the pressure inside her stomach grow intense, Maggie looked over where she placed the medication that she had gotten in the mail and convinced herself that it must help with the constant swelling of her stomach that was starting to become extremely uncomfortable. Placing one hand on the arm of the couch and the other on the very back, she hoisted herself off of the couch and made her way towards the kitchen table by waddling while her stomach continued to grow with intense pressure that was starting to become very painful to her. 
   Picking up the box, she tore it open to only find that the stages two and three were just one pill each so she quickly read the instructions and did what it said by placing them both in her mouth then drinking a very large bottle of water that she pulled out of her refrigerator then waited for them to work. Upon swallowing the two small pills that came in the mail for her, she waited for a few seconds then began to feel the pressure that was growing inside her starting to calm down to a slow crawl and eventually stopping all together which made her feel better but the grumbling continued to grow worse.
   " If I didn't know any better, I'd say that those pills made me feel worse. " Maggie said to herself, starting to feel sick when she felt her stomach grumble very loudly.
   " Ooooh, maybe I should go lay down. That'll probably help. " Maggie said, rubbing the top of her enlarged stomach.
   Waddling away from the kitchen while caressing her stomach maternal like, Maggie waddled down the the hallway as she began grow tired and dizzy to which she new then that there was something very wrong but thought that if she were to lay down then maybe she'll feel better so she quickened her pace to her bedroom where waited a soft bed that practically called out her name. Reaching her bedroom door, Maggie noticed how big her stomach had gotten as she felt it's frame very subtly brush up against the sides of the grumbling mass that let out a terrifying sound that even startled her slightly but didn't care at that moment because the only thing that she was focused on was getting into her bed. 
   " Sleep always does the body good, especially when one feel's tired. " Maggie said, approaching her soft bed with one hand resting on top of her stomach. 
   Sitting her large body on the soft cushion that was her bed, Maggie pulled her legs up off of the hard wooden floor then stuck them underneath the covers of her bed as she pulled them up over the large mass that tented and blocked her view of the door which made her feel as big as a house but didn't mind it as she got comfortable underneath her bed sheets by rocking herself on to her side which made her even more sick to her now very large stomach. As she turned onto her side, Maggie felt the remains of the content's shift and slosh around which made her feel like she could vomit at any given moment but managed to keep it down as she closed her eyes so that she could into a rested sleep while the summer sun was just starting to set upon the horizon of the city. 
   As she fell into a deep sleep that was caused by the medication taking it's full effect on her, the two small pills that she ingested had begun to breath life into the unknown occupants that were taking up already what little space Maggie had inside her stomach. Working it's scientific magic, the pills that she had taken caused the unknown occupants to become active by kicking and turning inside walls of Maggie's greatly enlarged stomach which made her toss around in her sleep as a direct result of her feeling the tiny feet that were constantly pressing up against her internal organs.
   " ... No Robby, I'm not in that mood to see your.... " Maggie said in her sleep while she tossed and turned in her own bed. 
  While she slept, the medication had begun to work it's final stage by making her body grow so that it could accommodate for all the small little unknown occupants that were rapidly growing to full gestation of what a normal healthy baby would've would've weighed. Her hips had started to swell outward, causing the stitching in her already tight pajama bottoms to stretch to the point of pulling apart themselves apart because of the strain that they were currently undergoing along with her breast's and how they had started to spill out from her new maternity bra as they grew because of the milk that they were now producing. 
  With the rest of Maggie's body expanding, her belly soon joined in as it grew outward which caused the sheet and the blanket that she was sleeping soundly under to push up from the rapid expansion which revealed her growing breast's to the outside world as they started to create a mound full of cleavage that threatened to tear her maternity bra apart. As Maggie's belly grew while she slept, the belly button that had once stuck out from the constant pressure but grew flat from the rapid growth and slight weight gain had finally pushed it's self back out so the world could see with a loud pop that sounded like a balloon just popped.
  As Maggie's already large body continued to expand and grow outward, the strain that her clothes were under going was too much for them for them to bare so the stitching in her pajama bottom's were the first thing to pull apart at the seem's which exposed the swelling flesh that was her own thighs. Her new maternity bra soon mimicked the similar thing when it's straps finally gave way by snapping off from the tips of the bra cups and from her back which allowed her swelling breast's all the room they needed so that they could grow into the large mounds of milk holding flesh that they would soon become. 
  Now without any restraint, her breast's started to swell at a much faster pace until the only thing that was restricting their further growth was the already extremely strained tank top that was about tear apart where Maggie's massive cleavage met it's collar. As the tank top struggled to hold every bit of swelling flesh in, it finally gave in and it's collar began to separate and tear right down the middle which exposed the it's swelling flesh including the pinkish red nipples that were starting to grow dark as they continued to hold in all the natural milk that her body was producing at an accelerated rate which eventually started to slowly leak out as they rubbed up against the taut and torn fabric that was her tank top. 
  " Mmmm........ That feel's... so nice Robby. " Maggie said in her sleep.
  " Okay Robby.... you win.... bring that large.... sausage over here. Mamma want's... it. " Maggie said as she started to feel sexually around in her sleep.   
  With Maggie's swelling body causing a very sexual arousing dream for her, we find Jenna fully prepared to break into the house of rogue Committee agent Steve to which he had sent his goon's off to find Jenna because she was starting to become an annoying problem that needed would soon jeopardize all the work that he has invested nearly a decade on. Looking around, Steve signaled the two guards to start their patrol of his rather large house that had an eight foot high brick wall that had iron spikes sticking out from the very tops of them along with having high tech camera's that could spot anything a mile away but that was no problem for Jenna as she had broken into places covered with more security so she thought that it was going to be easy for her.
    Jenna poked her head out from the bushes and looked around to see if she could spot any any guards that were coming her way. She craned her neck in both directions when she heard one of them walking towards her way so she pulled her head back into the bushes so that she could let him go by and she could sneak in without being spotted. As she pulled her head back, the guard turned the corner around the tall brick wall that had camera's posted at every corner where every guard that she could see was walking when the guard got a call over his radio from another buddy guard. 
   " Hey Kevin, you seen the game last Saturday night? Over. " The voice over the radio said.
   " No, I was to busy working for jerk off that has us walking the line tonite. Over. " Kevin said into the radio. 
   " Man that sucks! It was good a game too! Over. " The voice said back.
   " Quit bragging about it would you? Over. " Kevin said back into the radio that was attached to his shoulder.
   " Fine. Were is Jackass anyways? Over? " The voice over the radio said, asking Kevin a question. 
   " Last time I checked, he was still in his study on the second floor. Over. " Kevin said, answering the question that was asked by his friend.
   " Didn't he say some guy was coming over too? Some doctor or something? Over. " The voice over the radio said, asking Kevin another question. 
   " Yeah but I don't really remember his name. sounded like a bird or something, so will you quit asking so many damn questions Over. " Kevin said, snapping at the voice over the radio. 
   " Alright, alright. See you back at HQ. Over and out. " The voice said to Kevin coldly.
   As the guard looked around and saw nothing, he continued to follow his usual route around the very tall brick wall that he took every night as his job of being a private security guard. She waited until the guard turned the corner then stuck head back out of the bushes to see if there another guard coming her way to which there wasn't so she climbed out with her bag strapped to back as she dusted herself off of any leaves and twigs that were caught in her clothing when she remembered what the guard that had just passed her said to his friend over the radio just before continuing to walk the perimeter of the building that Steve owned.
   " Second floor huh? " Jenna said, realizing how simple this was going to be now that she knew where Steve's study was located.
  She pulled her bag off of her back and dropped it to the ground then began to rummage through it's confines until she found a grappling hook and high tension military rope that she had packed in earlier. Sliding it over her arm, she zipped up her bag and threw back over one of her shoulders then proceeded climb up it's military grade rope upon swinging the grappling hook up over the tall brick wall that towered over her to which it cased a large shadow over her. She swung the grappling hook as hard over the wall and began to pull it's rope until she got it hooked onto one of the iron spikes that stuck out of the top then started to climb up to the top when she realized that she was going to need to cover a lot of ground if she wanted to get to the large house without being noticed by the patrolling guards who looked like they could kill her with one punch.
  Vaulting herself over the large structure, Jenna stuck to the shadows as she crept her way around the compound and towards the towering mansion like house that the man she knew as Steve owned. Diving from bush to bush, she made her way to the conveniently opened window that was on the first floor of the house that she was about to break into and climbed in to find that the entire interior of the large house was decorated in an old eighteenth century Victorian era style as there was crimson red drapes that dangled from the ceiling just above her head along with a lavishing fire place that it's ember's were still smoldering, signified that the fire was just put out recently.
   " He had good taste, I'll give him that. " Jenna said, glancing around the large room after she had pulled herself through the conveniently opened window.
  Upon looking around the large yet lavishing room that she climbed into, Jenna noticed that there was a long oak dining table that had wood staining finisher on it that gave the table a dark look that matched the room around her almost perfectly. She ran her index finger across it's smooth yet cold surface when she heard the sounds of footsteps that were getting louder and louder as they headed in her direction so quickly thinking, Jenna ducked underneath the long oak dining table when Steve stepped into the same room where Jenna now felt trapped. 
  As she ducked underneath the dining table, Jenna heard Steve's foot steps trail across the dining room floor where they stopped in front of the fireplace where his voice carried off like as if he was having a long and important conversation with someone when she heard a second pare of foot steps that followed suit to which didn't say word until they were asked a question by Steve. When she heard a deep voice booming out just after Steve had asked his question, Jenna immediately knew who that voice belonged to just before the rest of the conversation was drowned out by a loud yet long grinding noise that sound like heavy stone being dragged across the a concrete floor. 
  Jenna looked over and saw that the entire front section of the fireplace had begun to separate itself from the chimney wall that it was attached to which gave way to a long tunnel that led down into a secret part of Steve's lavishing mansion that no one including the committee knew about. She watched as the two pares of feet that belonged to Steve and Kurt walked behind the fireplace that was ajar momentarily then began to move back into place where it looked like as if it had never even moved out of place, let alone out and away from the chimney wall that was apart of the house. 
   After a few moment's, Jenna climbed out from underneath the oak dining table and began to comb the entire area that surrounded the fireplace for a secret lever of some kind that would open the front section of the fireplace back up so that she can see where Steve and Kurt had gone to when they stepped behind it. Combing the entire area of the fireplace, Jenna grew tired and agitated when she noticed that there was a separation line that ran around the neck of a Beethoven bust that sat up on top of the mantle of the fireplace to which she also noticed that there was nothing else on it so she pushed the bust's head back to find that there was small button underneath it's head.
   With her index finger, Jenna pressed the small button which caused a chain reaction that made the fireplace begin to move out with the familiar scrapping sound that she heard no longer than a few moments ago when Steve pressed it. Stepping through it's thresh hold, the fireplace moved back in it's place which gave Jenna the impression that there was no way of getting back through the way she came in so she followed the dark corridor that had mechanic light's hanging off of it's dark ceiling that looked like that she could step into the darkness and be lost in it forever. 
   She followed the wires that were attached to the mechanic lights all they way to a different room that was filled a scientific equipment that reached both ends of the room that she had entered. As Jenna entered the room, she looked around at all the fancy equipment that she passed by and began to wonder what was Steve up to considering the girl that he had her keep an eye for unknown reasons that was continuously growing with each passing moment but she had a sneaking suspicion that all the equipment that she saw had something to do with her baffling size.
  As she walked down the corridor, Jenna began to hear the sounds of what was a conversation that was being carried out about someone named Margret and how she was important to the project that they were both conducting that would eventually revolutionize man kind along with making human history in the process. Being very curious as to who this Margret person was, Jenna carefully leaned up against the stone wall archway that separated herself from them so that she could get a better listening ear of the conversation that Steve and Kurt were having that seemed to have kept them interested. 
  ".... Oh and someone has been taking my project formula that I've been working separately on. " Kurt said to Steve, standing before him with his arm folded in agitation.
  " How do you know that someone has been taking it? Don't you keep it locked up in that safe of yours? " Steve said back to Kurt as he sat down in his swivel chair.
  " Don't be so naive Steve. When I take it out of my safe, I run test on the serum and I've noticed that some of it went missing. " Kurt said to Steve with a glare.
  " So? Could some of it just have evaporated because of the condensed area that it's in? " Steve said to Kurt.
  " That's what I thought when I noticed that nearly an entire vile of it went missing last week. " Kurt said to Steve with a glare.
  " Hmmm, How do you suppose that it's been taken out of your safe? " Steve said, asking a question.
  " I don't know but when I get my hands on them, I'll.... " Kurt said, just as Steve got up out of his chair to interrupt what his friend was gonna say. 
  " Alright, I'll find out who has been accessing your lab frequently while you go back to the lab and continue to make that same batch you gave Ms. Margret because I got a feeling that this time we got it right. 
  " Okay. " Kurt said, calming down just before he left the secret area that was underneath Steve's mansion. 
  Kurt walked out of the room where Steve sat still like in his leather plush swivel chair and turned his head to the right where there was just enough space behind the stone wall archway so that an unwanted guest could listen in on any conversation that would be going on like the one he just had with Steve about his formula that he had been working on for the past decade in the basement of a lab in Ringleader Pharmaceuticals. He chuckled to himself as the thought of someone sneaking into a place that was so well hidden that a Committee Elder couldn't even find was funny, so he walked through the room that was filled with as he made his way up towards the same entrance that he had entered with Steven earlier.
  When Kurt approached the one way door that was the fireplace, he knelt down and pressed the palm of his left hand up against the last brick at the bottom of the stone that opened up another secret door which led to the same dining room area where he was with Steve before earlier. As he walked down the hidden hallway, the mechanical lights that dangled from the ceiling began to turned themselves off as he passed underneath each and very one which until Kurt realized all the mechanical lights that dangled from the ceiling were turning themselves off and not on to which he thought was odd but not really suspicious enough to think that someone was listening in on the conversation that he had with Steve then quietly made their way out the same way he was taking.
   Scoffing to himself, he pushed the thought of someone breaking into Steven's house out of his mind as he saw the entrance way of the of the other hidden door that was within the dining room area just ahead of him and could only think about falling back onto the soft cushioning that was his bed and sleep all the stress that was on his shoulders away. Approaching the secret door, Kurt noticed that it was ajar slightly as he saw the light of the other room behind it shine through so he pressed both of his hands up against the solid wood plank that ran across the door and pushed on it to find that it had opened without the aid of using the trigger lock that Steve had installed when the door refused to shut.
  Walking out of the secret hallway, Kurt closed the secret door that was built within the wall and made his way to the guard that sat outside the dining room area to tell him that he thought someone had broke into the building but his gut instinct told him to do the opposite which was to not tell anyone about his crazy idea considering how even he couldn't believe it so he made his way past the guard who was fast asleep in a table chair that was leaned up against the yellow and white striped wall paper and began to head for the garage where Steve's personal valet had parked his car. 
  Kurt fished out his car keys just as he made his way through the garage door that was attached to the Steve's mansion and stuck them in the lock that was on the driver side of the car. Turning the car keys clock wise, Kurt heard the locks within the car door unlock so he them pulled them open and sank back into the leather bucket seats that he had custom made to his specification which was pretty penny to him but was very worth it as he placed the car keys into the ignition and turned in clock wise once more but to only feel something cold pressed up against the back of his head as he heard it's eight cylinder engine roar to life.
  " So that was you who was listening in on the conversation. " Kurt said to Jenna who was holding a pistol up against his head. 
  " Just tell me what Steve is up too and maybe I'll let you live. " Jenna said, pulling the hammer back on the pistol that she was holding. 
  " Why should I? You know very well that Steve can kill us both if he wanted too. " Kurt said to Jenna as he slowly reached his hand down into the side compartment on his driver side door. 
  " He already tried. " Jenna said, pressing the muzzle of the gun harder into Kurt's skull. 
   As he felt the cold metal press very hard up against the back of his head, he realized that the women who sitting behind him with a gun pressed up against the back of his head was going to shoot him if he didn't tell her something so he pulled his hand away from where it was going and placed it back in his lap where it belonged. Being annoyed and impatient, Jenna pulled the gun away from Kurt's head and shot out his wind shield as a statement that she was really more than willing to shoot him if he didn't start saying something that would peek her interest as to why Steve has been interested in the girl that he had her watch.   
  " Alright look, even I don't know what he is really doing with this.... weird project of his. All he told me was to synthesize a hormonal growth formula based on his own findings, that's it. " Kurt said, telling Jenna what he knew.
  " C'mon, there has to be more than that? " Jenna said to Kurt.
  " No there isn't. If there was then it'll be all on his hard at the office. " Kurt said, feeling the muzzle of the gun return to the back of his head. 
  " Let's go there then. " Jenna said, telling Kurt to drive her to Steve's Office. 
  " What are you? Nuts!? If he finds out we went into his office, he will kill us both! " Kurt said, Raising his voice.
  " I don't know, but I do know that he want's you to go back there anyways so drive. " Jenna said, pressing the muzzle of the gun hard into Kurt's head. 
  Feeling like he didn't have a choice anymore, Kurt reached for the shiftier that was between both of the seats and pulled it down until it reached the gear that represented that he could drive without having any normal problems. Pressing his foot up against the gas pedal slightly and pulling his other foot away from the brake, the car started to roll out from the garage that it sat under and began to roll down the driveway with it's two passenger's inside all the way to the tall iron gate that would automatically open up if any car got close enough without stopping.
   Kurt steered his car through the iron gates that were starting to open up as he got closer and closer to where it led him out to the main road where he quickly pressed the gas pedal almost to the floor of the car and sped off down the road like a bat out of hell that was being chased by a demonic bounty hunter. Driving down the darkening roadway, Kurt gazed up at the horizon of the sky and enjoyed how it looked with the colors of twilight fading away into the color's of the night sky while the each street light that he drove under had begun to turn themselves on.
   It didn't take long for Kurt and Jenna to arrive at Ringleader Pharmaceuticals where supposedly Steve had kept all detailed files of his government funded projects stashed onto his other personal computer there, including the product testing of the pharmaceutical drug that  Steve's favorite test subject had taken to help expand different parts of her anatomy without the aid of an implant of any kind. As Kurt drove down the road and toward the the tall skyscraper with the Ringleader Pharmaceutical logo on the side of it, Jenna couldn't wrap her mind around the question as to why the girl that Steve had her watch would subject herself into taking medication that would make her grow in certain places where men would approve.
  Jenna had always thought that a body enhancement of any kind was vulgar in her own personal opinion because if a women's body couldn't be appreciated with how it looked before it was changed, then that women shouldn't be with the person who gave them the idea that they would look better with drastic changes done to their chest and rear. The question that was buzzing around her head like a swarm of angry bees was still there when she noticed that they were getting close to the building that she would might have to sneak in and out of without being noticed. 
  " And here we are! " Kurt said aloud, pulling into the parking lot of Ringleader Pharmaceuticals. 
  " So, what's your big plan as to getting in there? " Kurt said to Jenna while he put the car into park. 
  " Not sure. Might have to sneak in through the back or scale the building. " Jenna said, unzipping her bag while keeping her pistol trained on Kurt while she looked away momentarily.
  " Yeah... No your not. " Kurt said, turning the car off and quickly getting out. 
  " Wait what? " Jenna said, looking over and seeing Kurt quickly move out of her line of sight.
  Jenna stopped what she was doing and quickly climbed over the passenger side seat and out of the passenger side door with her pistol still in hand, ready to shoot him if it was needed but not wanted. She pulled her pistol across the orange colored rooftop of Kurt's car with it aimed at the back Kurt's head when she fired a warning which made him stop running and began to turn around slowly with a smirk on his face that grew larger along with a small chuckle that came with it as he turned around to face the pistol that Jenna had aimed at his forehead with the hammer locked in place.
  " You know something. " Jenna said, realizing that he knew more than what he said.
  " And your very beautiful. " Kurt said snotty like.
  " Tell me what you know and maybe I won't shoot you. " Jenna said, threatening to shoot him.
  " Why should I do that? it's much more fun this way. " Kurt said to Jenna.
  " Because I won't only shoot you, but I'll disembowel you as well. " Jenna said, still aiming her pistol at him.
  " Alright. You see that guard sitting at the front desk there? " Kurt said, nudging his head towards the tall sky scrapper.
  " Yeah, why? " Jenna said, glancing over at the guard quickly then back at Kurt. 
  " What you don't know is that Steve phoned ahead to the guard sitting there that I was coming in... " Kurt said, just before being interrupted by Jenna.
  " So? What's your point? " Jenna said, asking him a question.
  " My point is that if you would let me finish what I was saying without interrupting me, then I can tell you what I know. " Kurt said to Jenna, slightly agitated.
  " Now... IF you shoot me, then Steve would know that something is wrong and well..... I can guess you get what I'm saying now? " Kurt said, with a smug look on his face.
  " In other words.... if I don't play ball and decide to shoot you then it's open season on my ass. " Jenna said with a glare.
  " exactly! " Kurt said while sounding exited.
  "  So, what do I do now? " Jenna said, thinking aloud. 
  " You mean we, not I. " Kurt said to Jenna.
  " What are you playing at Kurt?  "Jenna said, asking him a question. 
  " I wanna know who has been taking my growth formula and I got a feeling that Steve knows more than he should. " Kurt said Jenna, trying to reason with her. 
  " So I figure, we work together in getting into Steve's office and NOT kill each other over a matter as to who knows more than the other. Can we agree to those terms? " Kurt said again, asking the women who was pointing a pistol at his head to spare his life.
  Keeping the Pistol aimed at his head, Jenna weighed the pro's and con's about the very cheap proposal about sparing Kurt's life in exchange for his help in getting to Steve's office without going to such drastic measures as to climbing up  the side of the skyscraper or sneaking through the back entrance and risking getting herself caught in the process by one of the guards that were on duty. The longer she thought about it, the more sense it made to actually let someone who was willing offer their help in infiltrating a building that was going to be heavily guarded without looking suspicious so she withdrew the pistol she aimed at his head and waited for what Kurt had to say about getting her into the building without getting caught.
  " Okay, so how do we do this? " Jenna said, putting the pistol that she had aimed at his head away. 
  " Hang on a second. "  Kurt said as he pulled the driver side door open and began to rummage through the back seat.
  She looked through the passenger window and watched the highly intelligent but totally deranged scientist sift through stuff in his back seat for something that Jenna hadn't had the faintest idea as to what he was looking for when he saw him reach for a leaver that was on top of the back seat. Being curious as to why Kurt would reach for the top of the back seat, she leaned over slightly so that she could get a better look as to what he was doing when she realized that the back seat was another way of getting to the trunk of his car as he pulled the back seat down and dove in through the small hole so that he could continue his search. 
  " There you are! " Kurt said, exclaiming the joy of finding what he was looking for as he crawled out of the small hole. 
  Jenna watched Kurt climb out of the small hole that led to the trunk of his car while putting everything back in order just before rising to his own two feet and straiten himself out. Standing there, he placed a grey cloth ball atop of the orange colored roof of his car and began to fix the collar of the light blue button up shirt that he wore by pulling it out followed by pulling up the black pin striped pants that started to droop off of his waist when he went to crawl into the little hole that was behind the back of the back seat that led into his trunk when he found what he was looking for that would help the both of them get into the lobby of Ringleader Pharmaceuticals without being noticed.  
  " Here, catch. " Kurt said to Jenna, picking up the grey ball of cloth and tossing it to her.
  " But this is a sweat shirt. " Jenna said, sounding very confused as she unfolded the grey ball of cloth.
  " Yeah? So? " Kurt said, tucking in the tail of his light blue button up shirt. 
  " What am I suppose to do with a grey sweat shirt? " Jenna said, sounding slightly agitated. 
  " You put it on. It's all a part of my plan. " Kurt said, unbuttoning two buttons from the top of the blue shirt. 
  " you gotta be kidding me. " Jenna said as she slipped the sweat shirt on just before zipping it up. 
  " Oh and your gonna have to unzip that leotard your wearing half way. " Kurt said to Jenna, as he finished up the final touches on the clothes that he wore.
  " But I'm not wearing a bra. " Jenna said, feeling slightly embarrassed that she had to admit that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the leotard that she was wearing. 
  " I know, more cleavage the better. Or.... " Kurt said, looking at Jenna as he got a better idea.
  " Or what? " Jenna said, looking at him suspiciously. 
  " Wrap the upper half that leotard that your wearing around your waist. " Kurt said, pulling the tucked parts of his light blue shirt up from the waist of his pin striped pants.
  " Are you crazy? What part of I'm not wearing a bra do you not understand? " Jenna said furiously. 
  " Oh I understood everything that you said, now do it please. " Kurt said to Jenna as he began to pull the light blue button up shirt over his head.
  Looking at him with a angry stare, Jenna noticed that he was taking off his light blue button up shirt when she realized what his plan was on how to get her passed the guard without alerting them which was making each other look like that they had just gotten done having sex in the back of his car. She pulled off the sweat shirt that he had given her then climbed in the back seat of his car that no one would get a good look at her bare chest when she went to unzip her leotard and wrap it around her waist then wear his light blue button up shirt over her with two of it's buttons undone.
  " If this doesn't work, then I'm gonna shoot you. " Jenna said unzipping her leotard which left her chest exposed to outside air.
  " Oh it will... " Kurt said, looking into the back seat and seeing the round yet firm breast's of the women who wanted to shoot him but was now getting undressed in is back seat.
  " ... Nice breasts by the way. " Kurt said, giving Jenna a compliment. 
  Feeling extremely embarrassed that he actually saw her bare chest that was exposed to the night, Jenna stuck her arm out the driver side window and smacked him on his thigh then requested to take his light blue button up shirt that he had taken off by opening the palm of the same hand that she had smacked him with. Kurt chuckled to himself as he handed her his button up shirt because he couldn't resist the opportunity of not looking at the bare chest of a beautiful women who was sitting in the back seat of his car half naked while she slipped on his light blue button up shirt.
  " Your a pig. " Jenna said, climbing out of the back seat of Kurt's car.
  " I couldn't resist. " Kurt said with a smile.
  The bottom of the light blue button up shirt fell past her thighs as she unbuttoned more of it's buttons so that more of her cleavage could show that it looked like she had just got done having vigorous sex with Kurt and was now being show boated around the place where he worked even though that this wasn't the actual case of what really happened. Jenna looked in the driver side mirror and began to mess up her hair slightly so that the lie herself and Kurt were gonna spin on the guard who looked like he was more interested in watching whatever was on the television that sat at his desk, far from view of prying eyes. 
  " So, how do I look? " Jenna said as she was finished messing up her hair.
  " You look like you just got done having great sex. " Kurt said honestly. 
  " That's what it's suppose to look like. " Jenna said as she grabbed Kurt's sweat shirt off of the top of his orange colored car and slipped it on.
  Once she put Kurt's sweat shirt on, Jenna wrapped both of her arms around his and they both began to walk towards the front entrance of the Ringleader Pharmaceuticals skyscraper while she acted like as if she was deeply in love with the man that she was practically hanging off of while they both knew that neither one of them liked each other that way. They both began to act like they were a loving couple as they got closer and closer into view of the security camera's that were mounted on every wall throughout the interior and exterior of the building that they were trying to sneak into without being caught. 
  " Just follow my lead. " Kurt said with a smile as he opened the glass door for Jenna. 
  " Oh, your such a gentlemen. " Jenna said to Kurt, understanding what he meant by standing on the tips of her toes and kissing him on the lips then walked in.
  " Women.... " Kurt said to himself as he shook his head and walked in behind her.
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.5
The next installment of the Big trouble at Buddies buffet. I'm sorry that it has taken so long for me to post up this next part but life has hit me very hard but I will not give up! OH and I managed to leave a little Easter egg about what story I might do next after this one has come to a close ( which is very soon ) so keep on hitting that star people!!!!


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United States

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