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Intergalactic Bunny Trail by HidonRedux

Nicely done. The color and mood is accurate, the feel OH! YES!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! IT is so fantastic and she is so beautiful!!!!I need mo...

Prego Pills pg 2 by Joji321
by Joji321

its okay but the story needs work though and the technique needs to be good improved a little bit more but the originality is Perfect i...

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So scared and upset that I wanna cry..... :( 
   Maggie knew that she needed to do something in order stop the elevator long enough until her growth spurt had ended so she slowly reached out for the red button the wall of the elevator that said emergency stop when the intensity of the pressure build up grew so much that she almost immediately jerked her hand back and grabbed the side her stomach while she let out a moan that expressed the agony of what she was going through. As she moaned, she felt the elevator stop at the destination that she chose for it followed by a loud bell like sound going off that signified that Maggie had reached her destination so she started to panic as she didn't know what to do.
As she looked up and saw the light just above the elevator doors turn on to the floor that she picked so she prepared herself heard of worried people coming to her aid and someone calling for an ambulance to take her to the hospital for what she assumed that they would think was that she had gone into labor when the extreme pressure build that she had been feeling had suddenly stop along with her stomach's quick growth spurt so she stood up, and felt absolutely nothing to which she didn't know if she should be happy or terrified that it all just stopped but was glad that it did.
   She looked over to realize that the elevator door had already opened up and curious heads were pocking in as to what was going on so Maggie pulled down her fishnet shirt that had rode up her gargantuan belly do to it's increased sized and waddled to the maternity store just on the other side of the mall. While walked out of the elevator and passed the crowd that were curious as to why they heard moans coming from within the steel box, Maggie fidgeted with her bikini bra because it wasn't fitting as comfortably as it was a few minutes ago but she shrugged off the paranoia as it had rode up when she was in a rush to get to the elevator.
  After Maggie situated herself, she took her time getting over to the maternity store to pick out some new clothes for herself because she didn't feel like that she was going to have another random growth to which relieved her greatly. As Maggie waddled closer and closer to her destination, she stopped at a couple of little stores along the way to window shop at some cute dress that would've looked nice on her if she wasn't so big but she could imagine herself in those clothes at some random club just dancing the night away while everyone around her staring at how beautiful she looked in her dress.
   Maggie stopped imagining herself in the fancy dress that she gazed upon when she felt the coldness of the glass pressing up against the bare shin of her taut and round stomach that was sticking out of her fishnet shirt when it sent a shiver up her spine to which reminded her why she was even at the mall in the first place so she backed up away from the cold glass of the feminine clothing shop that she was looking into and continued to waddle towards the maternity store that wasn't too far from where she walking away from. Maggie passed people that gawked at her slightly as to how huge she was to which she didn't seem to notice or care that they were staring because truth be told, she slightly enjoyed the stares coming from the people that she passed by even thought she felt really out of place and slightly embarrassed that her clothes didn't fit she was going to fix that as she approached the doors to the maternity shop.
  Reaching out for the metallic grey handle, she turned her bulbous body slightly so that she could get a hold of the door handle and pull it back in order to get inside the dingy yellow colored shop. Maggie pulled back on the door and waddled herself through the door where she saw that there was maternity wear in multiple sizes and fashions to which made her feel slightly more at home but still just as embarrassed that she had to go in because none of her old clothes wouldn't fit her anymore not to mention that she had completely busted the buttons off her work uniform and completely destroyed it while she was trying it on earlier.
  She waddled towards the front of the store where a tall cashier stood behind the wooden counter top and was reading a Celeb Life magazine that was laid out on top of it. while Maggie tried to not bump into anything with her giant gut that was leading the way, the tall cashier flipped through the pages of the Celeb life Magazine with a bored look on her face as she wished that she could have a life similar to the celebrity's that she kept looking at in the magazine she had and not in a store where she was surrounded by women who are expecting their first child or second in most cases with her.
   Being fed up with torturing herself with the magazine that she had in front of her, she flipped it shut and looked to find that a very large Maggie was waddling her way to which the tall cashier stood up and placed a false cheery smile on her face so that she wouldn't give the wrong impression or seem like a total self absorbed bitch that didn't want to do her job. The tall cashier placed both of her hands on top of the wooden counter top so that she would seem polite and courteous as always when came to doing her job because even though that she hated it, she also loved it as well because she got to deal with the fashion and the clothing choices even though that she was working with pregnant women and not models that were being paid.
   " How can I help you ma'am? " The tall cashier said, asking Maggie what she wanted.
   " Boy, this thing is heavy to lug around. " Maggie said as she placed one hand on her belly and the other on the wooden counter top, while sounding exhausted from walking with the extra weight that she put on in a matter of seconds.
   " I'd bet ma'am, now how can I help you today? " The tall cashier said, trying to not sound like that she was rushing the large women.
   " Ummm..... yeah, you think you have anything that would be in my size or perhaps a size or two bigger? " Maggie said, grasping the underside of her exposed belly and shook it slightly as a gesture.
   " Ran out of clothes? " The tall cashier said with an eye brow raised.
   " Yeah, you can say that. " Maggie said, as she let one arm hang and moved the other to the top of her belly.
   " Well, what kind of clothing your looking for? " The tall cashier said, asking Maggie what she wanted for clothes and such.
   " I don't know but anything that can pretty much fit this big ole' thing. " Maggie said, shaking her belly once more.
The tall cashier thought for a minute as something about the large women that stood in front of her was strange but couldn't put her finger on it so she walked out from behind the wooden counter and began to circle her like a hungry shark that was waiting for its next meal as she tried to figure out what would look good on her without making her look like a complete clown due to her size. She continued to circle around the large bellied blonde that looked at her with an uneasy stare as Maggie felt like that she had a target painted on her back indicating that she was larger than life.
    " What are you doing? " Maggie said as she rested both of her hands on top of her belly.
    " Come with me. " The tall cashier said, as she grabbed the blonde women's hand from the top of the fleshy orb that was attached to her and led her to the very back of the store where no one was allowed accept for employees or anyone who had a court order to search the premises.
    She led Maggie into the very back of the store where all the clothes that were recently shipped in from across the globe sat, just waiting to be opened so that they could be placed on the shelves of the store and eventually be sold off to their future buyers just to be worn for only a few weeks then never worn again. The tall cashier pulled the boxes of packaged clothes apart and began to sift threw them to see which ones would fit the massive curvature of the body that belonged to the customer that she was helping out by handing over the ones that she thought that the customer would like.
   Maggie sat on crate just behind the tall cashier who was handing articles of clothing over to her one after another until a small little pile began to form on top of her belly that she didn't even have to hold with her hands which shocked her as much as made her feel surprised and not embarrassed like a normal person would've been. When the tall cashier was done picking out maternity clothes from the piles of boxes that were stacked in front of her, she told the customer that sat on the crate just behind from where she stood to follow her out to the dressing rooms where she offered to wait outside for her while Maggie tried on the clothes that were picked out.
Entering the dressing room stall, Maggie shut and locked the stall door then began to strip off the fishnet shirt that didn't fit her belly anymore where she noticed just how large her stomach had grown since she started her stuffing binge yesterday. She stood there in front of the dressing room mirror just tracing the large outline that was now her body as to how big it had gotten compared to yesterday where she barely pass herself off as being pregnant where as to now, she could pass herself off as being extremely over due with triplets if not then going nearly full term with quadruplets or quintuplets.
    " How's it going in there? Do they fit alright? " The tall cashier said, asking Maggie a question.
    " Yes! Everything is fine. Just trying to get my skirt off, no thanks to this big belly. " Maggie said, being snapped out of her fixation of her newly large stomach and back into the realm of reality where she was trying on clothes shortly before noticing how big she had gotten in such a short amount of time.
    Maggie noticed that she was still holding her fishnet shirt in her hand so she tossed it aside and began to undue her skirt when she realized that trying to take off her skirt was going to be a much more tasking than she thought as she tried to swing one arm over the large fleshy hem of her stomach to reach for the knot that was tied into the skirt by her earlier when she threw it on. As she tried to reach the knot, Maggie let out a couple of grunts that made the tall cashier concerned for the customer's safety so she called out to the grunting customer who was having a hard time trying to untie the skirt that fit her less than an hour ago.
    " Are you sure that you don't need my help with anything? " The tall cashier said, sounding concerned as she asked her customer a question.
    " No... I don't.... Need... your.... " Maggie said as she stopped in mid sentence when she came to the conclusion that she was going to need help reaching for the knot that she had tied in the skirt before her massive growth spurt.
    " Yes... Would you mind coming in and helping me untie my skirt. " Maggie said, sounding embarrassed.
    " Sure. " The tall cashier said, sounding not surprised.
    With out further hesitation, Maggie waddled over to unlocked the dressing room door and let the tall cashier in so that she could help her untie the untie the knot that was in beach skirt. The tall cashier knelt down on one knee and began to pick and pry at the knot that Maggie was having trouble with when she dug her long index nail into the tight knot loop while Maggie felt so embarrassed that she needed help taking off something that she had no problem putting on before, especially by someone that she had no clue who she was other than that she worked at the store where they were currently standing in.
    " there you go. " The tall cashier said to Maggie as she pulled the knot loose.
    " Thank you so much. " Maggie said, feeling the skirt that she was wearing suddenly become loose and limp around her waist.
    " Your welcome. " The tall cashier said, getting off both of her knees shortly before leaving the dressing room stall and closing the door behind her so that Maggie could have some privacy.
    Once the Dressing room stall door closed shut, Maggie waddled back over and locked it once more just shortly before trying on all the clothes that the tall cashier had picked out for her. She waddled over to the bench that she had sat the clothes down on when she first entered the dressing room stall and pulled out a bright orange shirt that would've looked like a tent over her if she were to have wore it before, when she was thin but now she wouldn't be surprised if she could barely get it over her chest let a lone over her super sized stomach that she swore that she could feel the faint sense of movement within her but she shrugged it off as just being paranoid so she pulled the very large shirt over her head and to her amazement that it fit perfectly.
   " Hey, I noticed that when I was untying your skirt that your bikini bra didn't fit you as well as it should so I got these. " The tall cashier said as she hung some bras and panties over the dressing room door that Maggie was in.
   " Thanks, your a life saver. " Maggie said as she waddled over and took them from the tall cashier's hand.
   " Anytime. " The tall cashier said, removing her hand that hung over the door.
   Maggie tossed the bra and panties next to the pile of clothes then picked up a pair of yoga pants from the mound of clothes and decided to try them on. She sat down on the bench and put both of her legs into the sleeves then tried to bend down to pull them up to only find out that she couldn't reach down far enough past her belly to reach her toes so she squatted down instead and pulled up the yoga pants around her waist to find that the yoga pants fit perfectly around the lower half of her expanding body that was now starting to slow down due to Maggie's experimental medication running out.
   As she looked into the mirror of the dressing room that she was in, she thought that she was as big as a house but was relieved that everything fit her body accept for her bra that was continuing to ride up her large breasts so Maggie glanced over at the bra's that the tall cashier gave her while she fixed her bikini bra then decided that she had enough with her clothes riding up and grabbed the purple colored bra that looked like it could hold a soft ball in each cup that it had. Maggie stuck her hand up the orange shirt and removed the straps that bound the snug piece of fabric to her breasts and pulled it out followed by slipping on the new one to which struck her in amazement as to how the tall cashier girl knew what her new sizes were so she grabbed the pile of clothes and proceeded to walk to the checkout section of the maternity store.
    The tall cashier girl followed Maggie to her register where she began to scan each and every article of clothing, including the tags off of the new clothes that Maggie had quickly grown attached to. Scanning each piece of cloth that Maggie wanted with the scanner gun that was placed at the cash register, the tall cashier girl looked over at the large customer who had one of her hands placed at the side of her stomach when she thought about how many kids was the customer that stood before was expecting to which she knew that it wasn't polite to ask even thought it was plainly obvious that she was expecting more than two but the tall cashier girls curiosity got the better of as she opened her mouth and began to ask her.
   " So... How many kids are you expecting? " the tall cashier girl said while she scanned the pieces of clothing and stuck them in a bag that had a logo of a pregnant women on the front of it.
   " Oh..... Umm..... " Maggie stammered as she quickly tried to think of a number off the top of her head so that she could answer the curious cashier about how many kids that the cashier thought that Maggie was expecting.
   " Four or five. Don't really know how many are in there yet but I know there's more than a couple. " Maggie said as she tapped the top of her large stomach in emphasis.
   " You don't know how many your having? How far long are you? " The tall cashier asked, shocked like.
   " About six months. I find out how many are in me next week. " Maggie said to the tall cashier.
   " I don't mean to sound like a total bitch but if your that big and your only six months along, then your having way more than five. " the tall cashier said as she continued to scan and bag the clothes that Maggie was planning on buying.
   " Oh its okay. I've heard worse. " Maggie said with a smile and a chuckle.
   " You have? " The tall cashier said with one eye brow raised.
   " Yeah... Like try having your doctor tell you that due to some genetic anomaly that you were born with, your going full term with more than just two regular fetus's inside you. " Maggie said as she thought up some wild situation that she knew that wasn't true but to the tall cashier though, she was shocked at what she just heard.
   The tall cashier stood their behind the counter with some maternity clothes that she still needed to scan and just staring with her eyes opened wide and her mouth hanging slightly as to the wild story that the customer that she was attending had told her to which she had a hard time. With still being shocked, she gradually moved her eyes down to where they met at Maggie's gargantuan stomach that let out a subtle but audible gurgle that made her grimace at the thought of having five small little beings living inside her for an entire duration of nine months before going into labor to which she didn't even want to know the pain of it.
   " How did you think I reacted? " Maggie said while still going along with the wild story she just spun.
   " Probably not as well as your boyfriend did I'd bet. " The tall cashier said as she continued scanning and bagging the maternity clothes.
   " Don't have one. " Maggie said as she rested her hands at the top of her belly.
   " Your massively pregnant and the father is not in the picture? " the tall cashier said, even more surprised.
   " Was at a party six months ago, met a guy,did a one night stand, and I'd bet you can guess what happened after that. " Maggie said, holding the bottom of her belly.
   " Well, I wish you the best of luck. " The tall cashier said as she bagged the last of the maternity clothes that she had picked out for the customer that stood before her.
   " Thanks. " Maggie said to the tall cashier.
   " Your welcome. " The tall cashier said to Maggie
   While the tall cashier bagged the last of the clothes and sat them on top of the counter, Maggie reached into her purse and pulled out her debit card so that she could pay for them while she knew they all were going to fit her until she had another growth spurt that would most likely make her out grow them or possibly bust out of them before she gets as big as a house. Maggie swiped the card then punched in her pin number so that she could pay and eventually get out of the mall before she misses the bus and would have to wait for another to which she didn't want to.
   " here is your receipt. " The tall girl said as she handed the receipt over to Maggie.
   " Thank you again. " Maggie said once more.
   " anytime. " the tall cashier said as she watched Maggie grab the bags of clothes that sat on the counter and waddled out the same front entry way of the Maternity store that she came in through earlier then disappeared into the massive crowd of people that came by just as she stepped out into the mall.
   While Maggie waddled out of the maternity store and began to head for the bus that would have been arriving at the front of the mall at any moment, Jenna had just pulled into the parking garage where she road the elevator up to her penthouse apartment that was on the top floor of the city's many sky rises that it had. She stepped off of the elevator and walked through a large oak door that led to a lavishing white living room with a big screen television just above a fire place along with a soft light brown couch that she passed as she pulled off her clothes and made her way to her bathroom so that she could clean herself up because she needed to get to the committee as soon as she could so that they could be aware of what Steve has been up to at Ringleader Pharmaceuticals.
    Jenna pulled off her long sleeved black shirt that clung to her body and dropped it onto the hard wooden floor as she was in a rush and didn't care about leaving a mess because she would pick it up later along with anything else that she dropped onto the floor of her penthouse. As she walked into the bathroom, Jenna began to undue her pants along with stripping herself into her birthday suit as she used her legs and kicked the bathroom door shut so that she could have some moment of privacy because she hated the feeling of an open door do to a childhood fear that she never was able to get rid of like all the other kids that she grew up.
    Once she stripped herself, she turned on the shower and set the temperature of the water to where she liked it which was practically almost at boiling point but she didn't mind it a bit. Jenna climbed in the shower and started to scrub herself with a non allergenic soap that smelled like rose pedals whenever she ran it under water then soaked her head in a light blue goop called sea mist shampoo that reminded her of a summer house that sat against the beach when her parents use to own it until a fire that was caused by one of her father's former clients who were not happy with him.
   She stood there under the boiling hot water that fell from the shower head fell against her bare back, making her feel like she was being softly beat like drum or getting a nice massage from someone who was a professional which felt great considering the amount of tension that she had been under since finding out that her friend Steve had been running an illegal experiment and sent some of his thugs after her on the highway earlier that morning when he came to the conclusion that she was going to the committee about what he had been doing without their knowledge.
   When she was done taking her shower, she turned off the shower head and wrapped a towel around her naked body as she stepped out of the steaming bathroom and started to make her way to her bedroom where she got changed into something that was much more presentable to the committee. Jenna changed into a tight red dress and a pare of stiletto's that matched her dress well just before she walked out of the apartment and forgetting her USB drive that contained all of the information about Steve's illegal operation that he had been running for quite sometime.
   Jenna was two steps from getting onto the elevator when she realized that she had forgotten the USB drive on top of the kitchen table, right next to her purse so she turned around and quickly walked back into her apartment to retrieve the two items before she left them before she went out to spy on the test subject that Steve is getting quite interested in. She unlocked the great oak door that led to her penthouse apartment and practically ran over to the kitchen table as she didn't want to miss the elevator that was coming up as she picked up her purse and shoved the USB drive into the pouch that was built within the hand bag that she carried as she hurried back out of the oak door and on to the elevator just as it's metallic doors were starting to open up.
   " Just made it. " Jenna said as the elevator doors closed behind her.
   " I'll say. Going back down Ms. Jenna? " The elevator operator said, asking Jenna a question that almost always knew the answer to.
   " Yes, Jonas. " Jenna said, as she pulled down on the tight dress that she was wearing to fix it and remove all the creases that it had formed from when she was in a hurry earlier.
   She rode the elevator down from the very top of the sky rise that she lived in, to the very bottom where the parking garage was located just near the lobby. Jenna stepped out and thanked the elevator operator for holding the elevator long enough so that she could get in it and not having to climb over a dozen flights down to get to the lobby of the building then made her way past the clerks desk and to the metal door that led her out to a shaded cement building that housed other peoples cars that were either living in the same building she was or just visiting for a short time, including her own car.
   Stepping out into the parking garage, she tried to remember where she parked her car because she left it in such a whirl wind earlier so she rummaged through her purse and found her car keys that had a car alarm on it so she pressed the red button with a horn sign that was just in the middle of it and she heard a familiar sound. Following the sound whenever she pressed down on the button, she eventually found the red Audi RX-7 sitting right where she left it when she hurried inside to get changed out of her prowler outfit and into the outfit that she currently wearing.
   " There you are. " Jenna said as she found her car.
   Jenna ran her hand across the very top of it's exterior as she approached the driver's side and climbed in with ease despite the tight outfit that she was wearing. As she sat in it's bucket seats, she pulled up her purse and began to search through it for her keys when she remembered that she put them in the visor just above the steering wheel so she pulled it down to see that she was right as she watched the car keys had fallen out from where they were placed and into her lap where her tight dress had wrapped around her legs to form a red safety net like canopy that bounced slightly.
   " That's where I thought you were. " Jenna said as she picked up the car keys from her lap and stuck them into the ignition.
   Turning the keys clockwise, Jenna heard the engine of her car roar to life then pulled the gear shiftier down into reverse and began to back out of the parking spot that she rushed into earlier so that she could get changed into something nice in order to meet the committee members on an emergency basis but you would usually have to make an appointment in order to see them but they were going to have to make an exception because she was going to meet with them even if she didn't have an appointment. Jenna backed out of the parking spot that she was in then pulled the gear shiftier down one more into drive and started to make her way towards the main road but hoped that she wouldn't get pulled over by police due to the car chase that she was in earlier to which she doubted because when she placed the circular device on top of the car, it not only changed the color of it but the licence plate number as well.
   Jenna pulled to the entrance of the parking garage then gradually lurched out to see if there was any on coming cars coming from both directions that she looked in and when she couldn't see any cars coming or going at the current moment, Jenna quickly pulled out and started to head for where the committee members usually lurk around a place that wasn't so obvious and that was a bakery shop that was on the other side of town. As she drove, she got to thinking that she was rather lucky that everyone in her apartment building was in the committee's pocket including the elevator operator Jonas so that she didn't have to worry about anyone identifying her as the driver who out ran the cops.
   As she drove down the main road, Jenna made a stop at a red light where a cop pulled up just behind her to which she started to get slightly nervous as she didn't wan't to deal with anymore cops because it was bad enough that Steve had his goons searching the entire city for her as he wanted her dealt with as quick as possible but if she had the cops identifying her as that driver then she knows that she'll be in almost deeper trouble what she is in already with. The street light turned green and she quickly but swiftly, turned left down another main road in which she watched the cop in her rear view mirror turn right at the street light and disappeared out of sight to which she was more than relieved that she didn't have to worry about a cop tailing her all the way to where she was going.
   Without anymore possible inconveniences, she managed to get all the way to the other side of the city with so much as whirl of lights and sirens going off which told her two things that either the cops in the city are very stupid or the committee have their hands in nearly everything. Jenna pulled up into the bakery shop where she started to smell the heavenly aroma of fresh blueberry muffins just being pulled out of the oven in which suddenly reminded her how hungry she was when she heard her stomach let out an alarming growl that made her cringe slightly as the hunger pains made her grip her stomach in pain.
   " That smells so good but I don't know if I should.... " Jenna said to herself as she heard her stomach growl again which she couldn't take the emptiness feeling anymore.
   " Oh screw this. " Jenna said as she reached for her purse, deciding that she was going to order herself something to eat before she went in and saw the committee because the last thing she needed was her stomach interrupting an important meeting with them.
   Jenna climbed out of her car and made her way to the front entrance of the bakery shop where she pulled opened its door and immediately made her way to a random booth that sat just near the main entrance where she waited for a waitress to hand her a menu so that she could choose what she was in the mood for. As Jenna waited, she sat there and scrolled through her phone when a random customer who was sitting just behind the booth that she was sitting in had begun to talk to her and ask her if she was just ordering the food or was trying to see committee.
   " Are you hear for the food or to see the committee? " The random customer said as he sat behind her.
   " A bit of both really. " Jenna said as she watched the waitress walk over to her booth and place a menu out on the table, just in front of her.
   " I'll be back to see if you are ready to order anything. " The waitress said, placing the menu down in front of Jenna.
   " Thank you. " Jenna said to the waitress.
   As the waitress left her booth to serve the other customers that were patiently waiting on her, Jenna flipped opened the menu and started to browse the food selection to see what she was in the mood to eat seeing how she rarely ate breakfast so that she could stay thin for her recent ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend reasons that are still unknown to her which she didn't want to know either. Jenna continued to browse the selection of food that was listed within the menu that was handed to her, when something that sounded good made her eyes lock on to that particular part of the menu where she quickly folded it up and waited for the waitress to come back so that she could place her order.
   " How's the boyfriend? " The random customer said, asking Jenna about her expired relationship.
   " We broke up. " Jenna said as she waited patiently.
   " I figured you did. " The random customer said as he sipped on his coffee and continued to read his morning news paper.
   " How so? " Jenna asked the random customer.
   " Because every time that you have ever came in, you've never once ordered breakfast. Not even a piece of toast. " The random customer said to Jenna.
   " So I'm guessing you wanna know why we broke up then? " Jenna said, asking the random customer who was sitting right behind her.
   " Not really. Not my place to know accept what the committee tell me and what I see every morning. " The random customer said to Jenna.
   " That's so like you Clay. " Jenna said, smirking a bit as she knew that the random customer known as Clay would've said if she asked him if he wanted to know why her and her ex-boyfriend broke up.
   " Oh and your waitress is coming. " The random customer known as Clay said as he pointed up, toward the other end of the bakery shop.
   Jenna looked up where the random customer known as Clay had pointed to where the waitress that had given her the same menu earlier was heading back towards her direction. The same waitress waltzed over to Jenna while sporting a four month long maternity bump that shook slightly as she took each step, signifying the extra weight that the waitress had put on during the early months of her pregnancy to which she placed one hand on the very tip of her belly with a small note pad in her hand as she waited for Jenna to place the order that she wanted.
   " You ready to order ma'am? " The waitress said as she readied her small note pad with her number two wooden pencil.
   " Yes, I would like to have the scrambled eggs with home fries and sausage. " Jenna said, repeating what she could remember from what she looked at on the menu that sat in front of her.
   " Do you want toast or a bagel? " The waitress said, asking Jenna a question.
   " Neither. Do you think I could get a blueberry muffin instead? " Jenna said, asking the waitress a question.
   " Yes you can. They just came out of the oven too. " The waitress said, writing down what Jenna had ordered.
   " Ooh, talk about my luck! Fresh, just the way I like it. " Jenna said happily.
   " Anything to drink? " The waitress said, asking Jenna one final question.
   " Yeah, you think you can I can have an Orange Juice? " Jenna said, asking the waitress a question.
   " Sure thing. " The waitress said as she wrote down the final order.
   As Jenna handed the menu back to the waitress that stood over her, she could help but notice that the waitress's pregnant stomach stuck out towards her face which made her think about Steve and his fascination with the subject that she was keeping an eye on before that morning's resent event where he sent two of his goon's after her which made her wonder how will it be before Steve sent them to Maggie's apartment to get her and bring her in to the facility. She watched as the waitress slowly started to turn when without hesitation, she asked the waitress how far long she was and when she was expecting to have her baby to which she hoped it was a baby and not a food baby because she would feel very embarrassed that she asked that question.
   " Excuse me ma'am, but when are you due? " Jenna said, asking the waitress a question.
   With a nervous stare, Jenna felt her heart start to race slightly as her anxiety began to flare up while she watched the watched the waitress slowly turned around with a slight waddle to her sway when she turned to face her with an angry glare that Jenna knew right off the bat that she had asked the wrong question. The waitress glared at her for a moment then just started to chuckle because of the question she had just been asked by the customer who was sitting down just below her pregnant stomach that stuck out like she had swallowed a small soft ball then added a layer of fat on top of it to make the waitress look a little bigger then how she was suppose to have looked at her stage in her pregnancy.
   " I'm due in about five months or whenever the munchkin in here decides that it's time to get out. " The waitress said, placing one hand atop of her belly.
   " Wow, you still got quite a bit of time. " Jenna said, looking at the waitress's stomach.
   " Yeah. Still got a lot of growing to do, even though I'm as big as a house already. " The waitress said to Jenna while she patted the sides of her pregnant stomach.
   " Are you having a boy or a girl? " Jenna said, asking the waitress a question. 
   " I won't find out what I'm having for another week, but I hoping for a girl. I'd bet you can guess what the father wants? " The waitress said, rubbing the tip of her belly.
   " A boy? " Jenna said to the waitress.
   " Yup. " The waitress said to Jenna.
   " Not surprised. Typical men right? " Jenna said to the waitress as she shook her head slightly.
   " Yeah. Well, I'm going to give your order to the chef and I'll be back with your drink. " The waitress said to Jenna as she waltzed away with a slight waddle that no one would really notice.
   Jenna watched the Waitress waddle away from her booth and tend to the other customer's that were patiently waiting to order the meal that they have chosen off of the menu that was handed to them when they first sat down in the seats that they have chosen for themselves or for the one's that they loved then eventually disappearing around the corner and into the metallic door with the porthole window just at the very top of it. When she could no longer see the waitress, Jenna slumped back into her booth for a moment as she hadn't gotten the slightest bit of sleep due to because that she was out all night so she leaned her head back on top of the booth and closed her eyes for what seemed like a moment or two when the same waitress that had just left her booth was back with her orange juice.
   " Are you okay? " The waitress said, placing the glass of orange juice down in front of her.
   " What? Oh yeah, I'm fine. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. " Jenna said, picking her head up from off of the booth to face the waitress.
   " Okay well, let me know if you need anything else. alright? " The waitress said concernedly.
   " Sure thing. " Jenna said, picking up the glass of orange juice and taking a sip out of it.
   " I'll be back to give you your food, when the chef is finished cooking it. " The waitress said, as she turned around once more and waddled slightly away from Jenna's booth.
   " I can smell it from here and it smells good! " Jenna said aloud.
   The waitress chuckled slightly to herself while the random customer known as Clay shook his head and smiled as he continued to read the Sunday comics from the new paper that he was holding up towards his face. Jenna gazed up at the waitress for a final moment then placed hung her head below her shoulder line while placing both of her hands just behind her neck and began to rub the back of it in a steady circle to hopefully relieve the tension that she had been feeling since before she left her penthouse apartment to go see the committee about her current situation.
   As Jenna hung her head with her nose just barely touching the rim of the glass and her red hair that hung down to create a canape like covering around her face, the random customer known as Clay glanced over to her and began to move his things over to the booth just behind him so that he could have a talk with the girl that sat behind her. Jenna continued to rub her neck when she heard the sound clattering dishing being placed down on to her booth she she picked her head up to only find that it was the man that she was talking to earlier when he pointed out that the pregnant waitress was heading towards her just before he sat down across from her and gave her a concerning look that she knew that she was going to be asked a question very shortly
   " What's going on Jenna? I've never seen you this tensed up before. What is it? " The random customer known as Clay said, asking her a question.
   " It's Steve. " Jenna said, hanging her head back down.
   " What about him? " The random customer known as Clay said, asking Jenna another question.
   " He sent some his goons after me this morning along the highway. " Jenna said while rubbing the back of her neck.
   " What for? " The random customer known as Clay said now with a very concerning look.
   " I told him that I was going to the committee for what he's been doing behind their backs, but really don't know why though. " Jenna said to the random customer known as Clay who was now thinking heavily.
   " What has Steve been doing behind their backs? " The random customer known as Clay said with one eye brow raised.
   " That's just it, I don't know. He's been running odd research on genetic enhancements, giving Kurt his own lab and having me keep an eye on this girl who happens to be test subject which I may add that she is having a very odd reaction to the stuff he is giving her. " Jenna said to the random customer known as Clay who was now getting curious as to why Steve was doing this.
   " What kind of reaction? " The random customer known as Clay said to Jenna.
   " She's gotten as big as a blimp and is getting bigger. " Jenna said to the random customer known as Clay.
   The random customer known as Clay sat there speechless for a moment, trying to think about what he wanted to say to her when the same pregnant waitress that he had pointed out to her earlier had returned from the kitchen with a trey full food and was heading and was heading for the booth that he sat at with the very tensed Jenna. With a slight waddle, the pregnant waitress walked over with a trey full of food in hand and began to set out the plate of eggs and home fries that she had ordered with that sausage and the blueberry muffin that she smelled just before she walked into the bakery.
   " There you go. Enjoy. " The pregnant Waitress said to Jenna just before she walked away and continued to do her job.
   " Oh um Miss! " The random customer known as Clay said to the pregnant waitress.
   " Yes? " The pregnant waitress said, looking back at the person who called her.
   " Would you send my bill to this table as well? I'll be paying for both. " The random customer said to the pregnant waitress.
   " Okay. " The pregnant waitress said, as she cleared booth off of the scraps that were left behind by the people who sat there last.
   He turned around and faced Jenna who had begun to eat the breakfast that she would normally skip but figured that she was single and hadn't eaten anything since before the stake out at Maggie's apartment yesterday evening. As she ate, she took every bite slowly and savored each flavor that had touched her tongue just before she took another sip from her tall glass of orange juice then began to butter her blueberry muffin that smelled good when she inhaled the sent of it's sweetness that was pouring out from the top of the steam that came just from it's top.
   " Thanks for getting the bill Clay. " Jenna said as she forked a mouth full of scrambled eggs into her mouth.
   " Your welcome. " The random customer known as Clay said with a smile on his face.
   " So anyways, what were you about to say? " Jenna said, asking the older man that sat before her.
   " I think that you may have accidentally discovered something that Steve has been trying to hide for awhile now. " The random customer known as Clay said to Jenna.
   " How do you figure that? " Jenna said, stabbing a sausage link with her fork and placing the tip of it in her mouth just before clamping down on it shut.
   " Well, if whatever he's doing wasn't so important then he wouldn't have sent his goons after you in broad daylight. " The random customer known as Clay said to Jenna.
   She stared at the random customer known as Clay blankly while she still had a mouth full of sausage in her mouth to which she swallowed with a cartoonish gulp and just continued to stare at him with the thoughts about Steve's secret experiment going through her head while her brain tried to decipher all the information that surrounded it. With what the random customer known as Clay said to her still floating around her mind like a life raft out at sea, her thoughts began to form an idea and that idea started form around a wild conspiracy theory that seemed to surround the one thing that Steve just so happened to have been very interested in ever since he started up the test trials for his new drug and that was the test subject Maggie.
   " He's using the genetic enhancement research to modify the human body! " Jenna said aloud.
   " What? " The random customer known as Clay said, feeling slightly confused.
   " I don't know, but all I know is that he's using genetic enhancements for something and that girl he's had me watch is right at the very epicenter of it! " Jenna said, sounding slightly excited while he pointed her fork at the random customer who is known as Clay.
   " Is that what your going to pitch to the committee? " The random customer who is known as Clay said, surprised at what she just said.
   " Yup. " Jenna said, scooping up another fork full of eggs and placing it in her mouth.
   " Well, I guess you better finish up that meal of yours if your gonna meet with the committee. " The random customer known as Clay said, looking at Jenna.
   " Your right. " Jenna said as she stuck her fork into the mound of eggs that were on her plate.
   Agreeing to what he said to her, she continued to eat her meal in without saying another word as she listened to the sounds of clattering dishes that touched the table tops of the customers that patiently waited while conversations that could be heard around the bakery shop rang out to which put her at ease for some odd reason but she didn't question it. As she ate, the random customer known as clay picked up his news paper and went back to reading the Sunday comics as he sipped on the cup of coffee that had plumes of steam coming off of the porcelain white cup that sat below a porcelain saucer dish.
   When she cleaned off her plate and drank her orange juice, Jenna got up from the table that she sat at and followed the random customer known as Clay into the back of the bakery shop where he led her to a dark office that looked like that no one has been in for quite awhile as she looked at the vacant office seat that had a thin layer of dust covering it. As she gazed upon the dark and empty office, she noticed that there was high tech computer monitor that was turned outward towards the office door that the random customer known as Clay shut along with a very advanced touch pad that sat beneath the computer monitor.
   The random customer known as Clay approached the high tech touch pad and pressed his finger up against it which activated a small little blue light at very center of the screen then backed away from it. Jenna noticed that the small blue light began to flash slowly at first but started to flash faster and faster until a small blue beam shot from the very top of the high tech touch pad and began to scan herself along with the random customer known as Clay by moving its bright blue light across their faces then around the room then as quick as it started, it stopped and a face appeared on the touch pad and began to talk to the both of them.
   " Good Morning. Please place thumb print followed by your identification number and your code word. " The face said to the both of them.
   " Seeker. Thirty-seven, Sixty-three. " The random customer known as Clay said, as he followed the directions that were given to him by placing his thumb on the touch pad while saying his code name and identification number.
   " Juliet. Two, five, four, nine. " Jenna said, mimicking the random customer known as Clay almost identically.
   " What is the reason for your visit today? " The face said, leering towards the random customer known as clay then at Jenna.
   " Protocol, Rogue Angel. " The random customer known as Clay said to the face on the touch pad.
   " Which committee agent is the reason for this accusation? " The face said, asking a question.
   " Committee agent Dark Rowe. " The random customer known as Clay said, answering the question.
   " Thank you, please wait.... " The face said, processing the request that the random customer known as Clay said by using a blue ring that kept on going in an infinite circle as a loading screen.
   " Your request has been noted, Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit. " the face said just before disappearing from the screen once more.
   They stood there in silence as the monitor turned off and the room went nearly black as night with the exception of the drawn shades that let the morning sun light through them that hit the top of the dusty desk and chair. Jenna looked over at the older man that stood right beside her as she was confused as to why they were standing there like a couple of totem poles and not going to see the committee like they planned they would, to which she more than ready to leave the dark and dusty room that was hidden in the bakery show and deal with Steve herself.
   " Screw this. " Jenna said as she turned around and made her way to the door.  
   " Where are you going? " The random customer known as Clay said, asking Jenna a question.
   " Leaving. " Jenna said as she placed her hand on the door.
   " You don't want to do that. " The random customer known as Clay said, warning Jenna.
   " Why wouldn't I? " Jenna said attempting to push on the door.
   Jenna tried to push on the door but it didn't move an inch so she placed her other hand on the door and began to push with both hands to which did no good either because the door refused to open up. She put all of her weight behind her as she was more than determined to get the door opened so that she could go home but when she came to the realization that the door wouldn't open no matter what, Jenna turned her head to the random customer known as Clay because she had a sneaking suspicion that he knew why the doors won't even budge an inch from the door frame.
   " Why won't the doors op..... " Jenna said as she stopped in mid sentence when she saw the panels of the floor give way and create a doorway that had stairs leading down them.
   " Security measures, c'mon. " The random customer known as Clay said as he stepped down into the hole into the floor.
   Maggie sat down on the bench with a plop as she was out of breathe by the short walk from the maternity store to the front entrance of the mall where the city bus would be coming soon. She sat the bag filled with the clothes that she had worn and bought earlier just before a massive growth spurt in the elevator that caused her to outgrow them on the bench just beside her with her stomach still gurgling and churning slightly as it was digesting the massive meal that she ate not too long ago to which caused the massive growth spurt that made her look like a living beach ball.
  " Ugh, I think I ate way too much. " Maggie said, patting her shirt covered gargantuan stomach as it made a low groan like noise.
  But at least that I finally got something to wear now and a new place to shop. " Maggie said as she pinched at the garment and pulled it up from where it rested.
  She sat there for what seemed like an hour until she saw the same bus that dropped her off earlier was pulling into the parking the parking lot and making it's way towards her so she placed one hand on the top of the bench and the other on the bottom of where she sat as she tried to get up in order to get on the bus. Upon hoisting herself up, Maggie had come to the realization that she had not only gotten bigger but a lot heavier as well to which presented a problem as she was still getting use to the increasing size of her body that was playing host to a science project that was controlled by a deranged mad man who had an entire pharmaceutical company at his bidding to which Maggie still had no clue of what was really happening to her.
   Finally being able to get herself up from the bench that she sat on, she stood up and collected her things just as the city bus came to a halt in front of her. She pulled out two dollars from her purse that she carried on her shoulder while the big doors that sat bolted to it's frame finally opened up and allowed her to climb aboard so that she could go home and work on her laptop and finish editing the video that she never posted up yesterday of herself growing along with waiting for the second stage of the growth enhancement pills that she had been waiting for since when she called the number that she was told to call earlier this morning.
   Climbing aboard the bus, Maggie slipped the two dollars in the change deposit bucket that sat next to the bus driver and waddled her way to an empty seat that was nearest to the entrance of the bus. She sat down with a plop and watched as the bus pulled away from the Mall that reached into the sky line as she was relieved that she was going home when she felt another subtle shift in mass within her that caused her to feel uncomfortable within her seat so she re-adjusted herself, thinking that it was all the undigested food within her that was causing her trouble by shifting around as it slowly digested away into nothingness.
   As Maggie felt that the bus ride was taking forever to get back to the city, she looked out the window and watched the tree's passed her by while the leaves that barely hung on to it's branches had begun to change their colors from a bright pine green to the color's of autumn. Noticing that the number of tree's had started to dwindle down from a lot to very little which signified to her that she was getting close to the city that she lived in along with hundreds of other people that weren't on the bus with her so she started to pay attention to everything that passed by as she didn't want to miss something that she new was close to where she called home.
   Paying very close attention to everything that passed by her window, Maggie hadn't yet realized that the noise's that her stomach was continuously making for the past day in a half had suddenly stopped and sat there quiet as a church mouse on Sunday mass without making another sound until the bus that she sat on had stopped at where she wanted to get off when she pulled on the cord that ran from the back of the bus to the very front. When Maggie pulled on cord when she realized how close she was from home, a bell rang out that alerted the bus driver to stop where he thought was the most convenient place and let off the girl that the bus driver thought would explode into a thousand pieces if she bumped into anything that was sharp.
   " Have a nice day ma'am. " The bus driver said, watching Maggie waddle off of his bus with bags in her hand.
   " Thank you and you too. " Maggie said, waddling off the bus with the bag's of clothes that she had purchased at the maternity shop earlier in the day.
    When Maggie stepped off the bus, the bus driver closed the blue doors of his bus by pressing a button on the dash board and started to drive off down the road while still thinking that she was gigantic and should watch what she bumped into with her big belly. Watching the bus leave her where she stood which was out in front of her apartment building, she turned around and began to waddle towards it's doors as she was more than eager to get back into her apartment and finish editing her video on her laptop as she completely forgot about it due to the eminence hunger pains that she had been going through but was glad that she didn't feel any of it right at that current moment but she knew that she would soon enough though.
   Walking up towards it's door's,she had completely forgotten how huge she now was as her stomach was touching the doors of her apartment building and was preventing her from being able reach them so she changed her position then grabbed the metallic handle of the door and pulled it open just before freeing up one hand by placing the bags in the other. She Waddled in and immediately made her way to a wall of bronze mailbox cubbies that each tenant was given a key for when they moved into their apartment so she placed the bags that she was carrying down beside her and without thinking, placed her purse on her large stomach that stuck very far out in front of her from the frame of her small body as she rummaged through her purse for her cubby key.
    As she rummaged through her purse, Maggie stopped and was in complete amazement as she realized what she was resting her purse on so she smiled and chuckled to herself that she had gotten so big that she now was able to use her own stomach as a personal table to put things on due to it's eminence size that it has swelled out to looking like she had something growing inside her that was either a balloon or an alien creature of some sort that was waiting for when it was it's time to come out of her by growing to an impossible size by making her eat uncontrollably to which she was glad that it was neither or so she thought.
   " Look's like your of good use after all. " Maggie said to her belly as she patted it's side to which was solid as a rock.
   She continued to rummage through her purse until she found a small copper colored key that looked like it could be the key to her apartment accept that the grooves at the very bottom of the key were sightly different from the one that she uses to lock up her apartment. Maggie turned to her side so that she could reach the center bronze colored mailbox cubby and slipped the key into its lock then turned the key clock wise to opened it's small door and pulled out a bunch of paper along with a box that had a post card that was being held down by an elastic band.
     Being curious as to who would've sent a box with a post card on it to her, she pulled the post card out from underneath the rubber band that was wrapped around the small box and looked at the picture on the front of it to see that it was as a picture of party balloons along with the word " congratulations! " posted on the front in fancy lettering. Maggie flipped it over to see that it was none other than Ring Leader Pharmaceuticals who were congratulating her on the progress that she has made with the special body enhancement medication that she had willingly subjected herself to because she wanted a bigger bust line and a bigger butt.
     " On behalf of everyone at Ringleader Pharmaceuticals, I congratulate you Margret for your marvelous progress that you've made for the sake of science and for every women who wants to change their physic for the better. In the box that you hold in your hand, are the final two stages of the test trial enhancement drug so I do stress when I say follow the instruction within that brown box to the letter and once you have taken them, call the number at the very bottom of this post card so that we can make an appointment to see you again. With that being said, I hope that you have enjoyed the changes that the test drug has done and hope to see you soon. " Maggie said, reading the post card aloud to herself.
     " Signed, Kurtis Crainwell. " Maggie said, reading the name of the man who sent the post card and package to her.
     " He certainly got this here quick. " Maggie said as she placed the post card back underneath the elastic band that was wrapped around the box and stuck it in her purse that sat atop of her giant belly.
    Maggie picked the purse off of it's fleshy perch that it sat on along with closing the small bronze door to the cubby then picked up the bags filled with maternity clothing that were right beside her as she turned away from the wall of bronze that housed everyone who lived in the apartment building's mail and made her way to the stairwell that wasn't very far from where she previously stood. Upon approaching the stairs that led to her apartment on the third floor, she looked up at them then looked down at her every large self and had come to the realization that there was no way that she would be able to make up those stairs very easily without some form of help to keep her steady as she climbed up them so that she wouldn't fall over like she did earlier when she was trying to climb down them. 
    " Yeah..... There's no way I'm making it up those stairs with this gut sticking out of me. " Maggie said to herself, rubbing the side of her gargantuan belly with the hand that held the purse onto her right shoulder. 
   Looking around, she saw the elevator just down the hall from where she stood and noticed that it didn't have a sign that warned people that it was broken hanging off of it so she hoped that it was running again as she made her way down the hall with her belly leading the way. Approaching the elevator, she pressed the button to call it down and saw the light turn on to which she felt some relief knowing that she didn't have to climb the long stairwell up to her apartment which she didn't normally mind because she wasn't as large as a house or any other pregnant women that she had ever seen before until now when she glanced over at her reflection that was within the pane of glass covering a large tackboard that was covered in papers of various kind and color. 
   " Wow, I look like swallowed someone whole! " Maggie said, looking at her reflection within the pane of glass. 
   She heard the bell of the elevator ring which alerted her that in a few moments, the elevator doors would be opening up to take her up to the floor that she most desired which was in this case her apartment that was on the third floor of the apartment building that she was in at the current moment. Maggie waddled onto the elevator as it's reflective door's started to open to which her stomach was the first to enter the small metallic box that was held by old cable wires that were still strong enough to hold her and the massive weight that she accumulated by gorging herself non-stop in food of various kinds that she craved.
   Turning around to press the button that would lead to her floor, Maggie had realized that her stomach took up most of the space within the elevator to which that didn't leave her enough room to maneuver around in without bumping into the interior walls of the elevator every now and again. Pressing the button that would bring her to the floor that she wanted then pressing the button that closed the elevator doors in front of her, she watched as the elevator doors closed in front of her and began to feel the metallic box move itself upward to the floor that she wanted when she realized that her stomach had been quiet since her last growth spurt that she had back in the elevator at the mall. 
   With some spare time that she now had, Maggie freed up both of her hands and begun to rub the sides of her stomach maternal like as she was curious yet relieved that her stomach wasn't driving her crazy like it had been for the past day in a half between it's gurgling and hunger pain along with sound that it made when ever her stomach wanted more food to which was now frequently then how before. Feeling the elevator slowly make it's way up to the third floor of the apartment building, Maggie continued to caress the quiet mass of flesh that was hidden beneath maternity clothing that she had gotten as she began to talk to it in a mothering kind of way as to why it was being so quiet versus how loud it was before.
   " What's wrong darling? Did I indulge you too much? I mean, your so quiet now. " Maggie said, talking to her stomach as she held it with both of her hands.
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.4
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