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Intergalactic Bunny Trail by HidonRedux

Nicely done. The color and mood is accurate, the feel OH! YES!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! IT is so fantastic and she is so beautiful!!!!I need mo...

Prego Pills pg 2 by Jojyy321

its okay but the story needs work though and the technique needs to be good improved a little bit more but the originality is Perfect i...

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 " Don't really know, just that one day he was just gone but that's when I found out about these two little angels. " Maggie said as she hugged her belly lovingly.
 " wait? Twins? " The pizza guy said surprised.
 " Yup, he didn't go without leaving me a little gift. " Maggie said as she rubbed the top of her belly.
 " But l don't waste anymore of your time because I'm pretty sure that you got other orders to deliver. " Maggie said to the pizza guy.
  Maggie turned and picked up her pocket book and began rummaging through it while she pressed her boobs together even more to pronounce more of her cleavage to see if she could get the pizza guy really going like she had been. As she continued to rummage through her purse for his money, he just gawked at her pronounced cleavage as silent as the grave while he got lost in deep thought and visualizations about her pressing her breast up against his chest which started to get him turned on despite what he was more than convinced was her condition that Maggie had completely fabricated up.
 When Maggie pulled out the wad of cash, she looked up and saw that he was staring at her again but this time she noticed that he was starting to get rock hard and she knew right then and there that he was definitely having some kind of fantasy about her but what kind of fantasy though, she didn't exactly know but had an idea so she concocted an idea as to how she was going to find out and he didn't have to say anything just move a certain way in order to find out. As she went to hand him the wad of cash that was in her hand and on purposely bumped into him to find out exactly what he was feeling.
 "here you go... " Maggie said as she on purposely used her big belly to bump into him.
 As she bumped into him, the pizza guy quickly moved away as fast as he could when she did so that he could give her space when he did though he accidentally bumped into the table which knocked over the vase that sat atop of rolling off the table and smashing into the kitchen floor. Maggie watched as the vase fall off the table and onto her floor to which made the pizza guy turn to the shattering sounds of the vase and made him realize what just happened and how guilty he was beginning to feel.
 " Oh my god, I'm so sorry. " The pizza guy said as he began to pick up the pieces of the shattered vase that were all over the floor.
  Maggie watched as the pizza guy scurried to pick up the shattered pieces of the vase off the kitchen floor when she realized that he didn't just think that she was cute but she thought that he may even had a school boy crush on her. As she watched, she began to feel bad for what she did so she reached down to get the guy's attention to let him know know to not worry about the shattered vase by tapping on his shoulder but she had another problem, didn't want to bend over because she was afraid that if she bent over too far then she'd might fall on top on him and make him feel worse so she leaned down and tapped his shoulder lightly as she tried to get his attention.
 " Hey um, excuse me? " She said, trying to get the pizza guy's attention but didn't so she resorted to other means.
  Maggie struggled to kneel down while fighting the feeling of gravity take over by making her feel like she was gonna fall on top of him but just barely managed to kneel down enough so that she could get a good grip on the pizza guy's shoulder so that she could get his attention by shaking his shoulder. She shook the pizza guy's shoulder while saying what she just said to him just seconds before and he looked up at her with guilt but as she looked deeper into his eyes, she knew that he was worried if that his chances with her was blown because he fell into the table and had knocked over the vase but it wasn't.
  " Yeah? " The pizza guy said while sounding a little worried.
  " Don't worry about it, I'll sweep it up later. " Maggie said sincere like.
  " Okay then. " The pizza guy said as he got up and placed the remains of the vase that he had knocked over on the table. 
  Maggie looked at him and saw that he was still a little worried so she thought that she could give a little treat so she decided to fake having trouble getting up due to her incredible size while being what she convinced him to think that she was heavily pregnant with twins but she just hoped that things wouldn't get real serious because she could feel her stomach begin to act up again by slightly gurgling and rumbling a little but not loud enough to be heard though by anyone else other than herself or if the pizza guy were to set his head against her colossal belly which she knew that he wasn't interested in that sort of thing, at least as far as she was aware of however.
 " Hey uh, you think you could help a pregnant girl out here? I'm stuck. " Maggie said as she pretended to be stuck in the position that she was in.
 " Oh uh yeah sure. " the pizza guy said as he quickly went to aid her.
The pizza guy went to help her by wrapping his arms around her chest and just beneath her armpits so that he could get a good grip but did no good as he tugged, pulled, and struggled to pull her up off of her knees. As he tugged and pulled, Maggie leaned up slightly as he tugged so that he let her down that his hand would accidentally slide down and touch her breast or at least she hopped that would happen as she could feel him getting ready to pull up again after a quick break from him over exerting himself for trying to hard to lift her up.
 "Okay, 1... 2... 3! " The pizza guy said as he called out the number three and began to pull.
 As he pulled, Maggie leaned back slightly as he leaned back down and just like she planned, his hand slid down her tank top and cupped her breast to which she thought that it felt nice to have a hand other than her own touching her breast and nipple. When he felt his hand pass beneath her shirt and touch her nipple, he immediately let go and pulled back his hand out of embarrassment that his hand accidentally slid down her shirt and touched her breast to which as a result his face began to grow cherry red as she looked up at him.
 " I'm so sorry that happened. I didn't mean.... " The pizza guy said as he was cut off by Maggie.
 " It's okay, I know you didn't mean to. How about you try pulling me up by grabbing a hold of my waist. " Maggie to the Pizza guy aloud while looking at him.
 " You want to do what? " The pizza guy said in a surprised tone.
 " Yeah, grab my waist and pull me up Unless you got problem with that? " Maggie said as she looked up at him.
 " Nope, not at all. " The pizza guy said as he quickly grabbed her waist and prepared to pull her up again.
 " Alright then. " Maggie said to the Pizza guy while having a smirk up grow on her face as what she was about to do next.
 " Okay then, are you ready? " The pizza guy said, making sure that Maggie was ready.
 " Yeah, lets do this. " Maggie said with enthusiasm.
 " alright then. 1... 2... 3! " The pizza guy said as he began to pull her up for the final time.
 As he pulled her up, she began to push herself up and landed her butt right into the center of the pizza guy's pelvis where she saw him having a hard on earlier. When bumped into him, he felt her butt land on what he called it his " rod " and it felt nice to him at first but he immediately pulled back and moved to the side and began to arch her back up to which she moved slightly and had him touch the same breast as he did before but only he cupped it with her tank top covering and not down it which he pulled his hand back for the second and final time.
 " Man, tonight is definitely not my night. " The pizza guy said with one hand on his waist and the other grabbing he candy apple read hat off his head and scratched the back of his head with it.
 " Well, you did help me up. " Maggie said to the pizza guy, acting like she was out of breath.
 " Yeah but that was only because I knocked over your vase. " The pizza guy said to Maggie, beating himself up.
 " Hey, that was because I bumped into you and you bumped into the table so do not worry about that alright? " Maggie said to the pizza guy, getting close to him without having her stomach touch him.
 " Okay. " The pizza guy said in a calm voice
 " So here. " Maggie said and handed him what she owed for delivering his food.
 " Alright so do you want your change? " The pizza guy said, asking her a question.
 " No, you keep it. " Maggie said as she walked the pizza guy to the door. 
 She waddled with the pizza guy as he walked out of her apartment when Maggie felt her stomach rumble and gurgle for the twelfth time in a row which meant that she needed to feed her belly and soon before it started to really get out of hand like earlier. As he walked out the door, she couldn't help but feel sort of attracted to him as her stomach rumbled for more food so when he turned around she landed a long passionate kiss as he was going to thank her for understanding what happened between them but he just accepted the kiss instead.
  " By the way, pregnant girls can get extremely horny at the most weirdest of times. " Maggie said as she leaned back from the kiss she just gave the pizza boy then closed the door behind her.
  " Bye.... beautiful. " The pizza guy said to himself as he stared at her door, pretending that she was still there.
  The pizza guy eventually turned around after waiting in front of her door for what seemed like an eternity to him, hoping that she would open her apartment door back up and invite him in for a few extra minutes but that never happened and walked down the steps of the apartment building just verbally beating himself up for what he believed that he had insulted her but in reality that she was just playing hard to get but didn't realized that she had played a little too hard to get but Maggie didn't care, she only cared about feeding her hungry tummy as it growled for sustenance and it refused to stay silent any longer.
   " -Phew- That was close but fun. " Maggie said as she patted her belly with one hand.
  Maggie leaned up against her apartment door in relief as rubbed her stomach as it grumbled for more food to be put in it's already tight, confined space. she continued to rub her distended stomach till it let out sickening growl that she could swear that she could hear the excess food 'and liquid within her shifting around as it continued to growled so she placed one hand up against her apartment door and pushed off so that she could get to the largely stacked boxes with pizza still in them, just begging her to eat them along with the rest of the stuff that she had ordered.   
  She waddled over to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a plate and began to load it up with pizza and half of the sub she had ordered then waddled over to her couch and began to stuff herself with the still steaming hot, gooey piece of pizza that had cheese oozing off of it surface that made her mouth water from the smell alone. Bite after bite she took, feeling the clump of mashed up pizza slide down her throat with each bite and each pizza she went through until her plate was completely cleared of the food accept for the sub which she had saved for last from her first plate.
  She picket up the sub and began to sink her teeth into it, tasting the sweet and juicy flavor of the sub that she held in her hand as she shoveled it into her mouth all the while savoring bite after bite until her plate was completely empty then she got up and waddled back over to the table and filled up her plate once more with the same food that she had picked but only she added wings with it as well and couldn't wait to fill up her stomach with the food and watch her belly grow bigger and hopefully stop growling for more food.
  She sat down and placed the plate of food atop of her belly and used it as a table so she could eat while watching her favorite show of the evening. As Maggie ate, her stomach grew and expanded to compensate for all the food that was being put into it when she realized that her stomach was gurgling so she stopped eating for a second as she rubbed her tummy to settle it down in order to continue to feed it then continue to eat until there was nothing left or until she exploded which something told her that she was far from bursting into tiny pieces and coating her living room into a new shade of red. 
   " What tummy? too much food at one time? " Maggie said as she rubbed her belly.
   Maggie stomach gurgled and groaned as she rubbed it followed by another build up of pressure that began to swarm the inside of her stomach like angry locust but it wasn't as intense as it was before the pizza guy arrived earlier which she was glad for that. She prepared for upcoming event that she knew that was coming so she placed one hand on her tummy and the other on the arm of the couch and braced as she saw her stomach expand and grow right before her eyes but only by a little bit.
  " Oooohhhh!!! Tummy... " Maggie said as she was cut off by her stomach emitting a loud gurgle followed by a groan like growl as it expanded right before her.
  After a moment or two, her stomach finally stopped growing and had settled down which gave her an opportunity to rub her giant belly and explore the new territory that had grown when she realized that the surface where her sat was completely flat unlike before where her plate was slightly on a lean but as to now where she couldn't see any spaces that that would be left by the underside of her plate but she didn't mind it as much when her stomach rang dinner bell by growling in protest to continue to eat.   
  Inch by inch her belly grew out slowly but steadily as she gorged herself in the food that she had ordered from earlier to which, the number pizzas that was in the boxes were quickly diminishing as she continued to clear her plate and go back for more but eventually started to cause her trouble by the constant getting up and sitting down so she instead waddled towards her kitchen sink and tossed her plate within it then grabbed the remaining pizza to which wasn't a lot considering that she went through twelve boxes of pizza, an entire foot long sub, and a thing of chicken wings and waddled with the pizza boxes resting on her belly as she sat back down on her couch.
  When Maggie finished off the last two boxes of pizza, she felt like she was gonna pop like an overfilled water balloon that was just waiting to be popped by a sharp object of some kind. She rubbed her belly as it groaned and gurgled in protest from everything that was stuffed into to which she thought that she couldn't get any bigger when she remembered the two soda's that she ordered along with the mountain of pizza's that she had ordered as well and wasn't sure that her stomach couldn't hold anything else when she realized that there was two mentos just sitting right next to them that she had completely forgot about.
   " I don't know if my belly can handle anything else, let alone two bottle's of soda with two pieces of mentos. " Maggie said to herself as she tapped her fingers on atop of her belly as she thought for a minute.
   " Well, I suppose it can be for the fans but I'm not sure you'll be able to handle it tummy. " Maggie said to her tummy as she held it with both hands.
   As if her belly agreed to what she was about to do, her belly let out a soft but audible gurgle that she could clearly hear coming from it. With confirmation coming from her stomach, she struggled to get up but barely managed to do so when her equilibrium was off again and she needed a moment for her to get use to her new size and new weight that was starting to bare down on her knees and make them tremble because of it so she reached out her hand and placed it on the arm of her couch waited for a moment until her equilibrium was set back to normal.
   " Jeez tummy, your getting big awfully fast and I'm sure that the food doesn't help. "Maggie said as she rubbed the side of her gigantic belly.
  After a moment, her equilibrium was back to normal was able to waddle over to the kitchen counter so that she could drink the two soda's and swallow the two mentos. She could feel her stomach swaying from side to side as she waddled to the counter and thought that she might have developed her own gravitational pull from all the food she had stuffed into herself from the hunger she was experiencing throughout the day, ever since she had ordered those pills that were to help her increase her size in her breast and in her butt.
  " I hope your ready for this belly, because I know I am. " Maggie said as she reached over to the counter and began to down both of the soda's.
  Maggie downed one bottle after another until they were both empty and she began to feel extremely full but she kept on pushing herself by ingesting the last two pieces of mentos that sat right next to her and she popped them in her mouth like they were nothing but two measly pieces of candy that could have been easily discarded in the trash but she chose to eat them instead to insure that her stomach wouldn't get hungry or even start to growl but she soon started to regret that decision as she began to feel sick as she felt the chain reaction that was happening with the soda and mentos.
  " I think that we have made a big mistake tummy. " Maggie said to her aching belly.
  She began to rub her belly as it groaned and gurgled because of the room it was loosing because of the soda and mentos were beginning to make gas and that gas was causing her belly stretch grow to well beyond it's limits to which her belly was already stretched well beyond it's limits already. Maggie caressed her belly as she waddled over to the couch and  fell back into it with a solid plop as the food and liquid shifted within her as she fell back into it so that she could take the strain off of her knees and back.
   Maggie continued to rub her belly until she had realized that it had gotten dark and it was well on going onto eleven at night so she thought that it was a good idea if she went to bed so she struggled to get up but did and waddled back down the hallway and headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth when she saw in the bathroom mirror how big she had gotten from her ongoing stuffing. In shock at her size, she placed her hands on her belly and tried to reach her belly button but couldn't so she thought that it was time to take another photo of her progress of the growth of her gigantic stomach.
   " Oh... my.... god.... I'M HUGE! " Maggie said as she placed her hands on her belly.
   " I think that it's time I give another photo update for the darling fans, what do you think tummy? " Maggie said, talking to her belly.
  As if her belly had listened to her, it let out another audible gurgle that signaled Maggie to go and get her camera and to take pictures of her and her giant stomach so that she could post up for her fans can see. Maggie turned and waddled out of the bathroom to head back to her couch so that she could get her camera off of the right cushion and take pictures to show her fans how much bigger she has gotten since earlier in the day when she first showed them, right before she started to stuff herself extremely.
  Maggie Reached down and attempted to grab her camera when she felt her back began to ache so she placed her hand on her back as she reached down and grabbed her camera off of the couch and began to waddle back to the bathroom so that she could take pictures of her gigantic stomach. When she reached the bathroom, she began to take photos of her and her belly in various positions like her holding it from the side while she rested the camera on top of her belly to which it balanced perfectly on her belly and from the front covering her mouth in shock from her the unimaginable size it was at and her finally trying to pull down her shirt over her belly from the side position to which it didn't even reach the half way point of her belly.
 When she was done, she went to set the camera down near the sink to brush her teeth when she realized that she couldn't even reach it due to her belly pressing up against the edge of the sink when ever she tried to reach the counter to which gave her an idea of how big she has gotten during the course of the day. Maggie giggled at first when she realized that she was so huge that she couldn't even reach the sink so she re-positioned herself by turning to her side so that she could reach the counter and put down her camera.
     " Goodness me, I've become a blimp! " Maggie said as she hugged her belly.
   Maggie Reached over and brushed her teeth followed by taking her pills that she had gotten in the mail to which she was on the last pill she needed to take before she had to re-order for the second batch. She placed both pills in her mouth and washed them down with a glass of water when she felt her stomach get incredibly tight and began to feel nauseous from the extra added liquid that she had ingested to which she began to regret eating so much as she felt the same pressure build up as before but more intense.
  She rubbed the sides of her stomach as she cooed and groaned slightly as she felt the relief of pressure when she rubbed the sides of her gigantic belly. As she rubbed, she began to waddle out of her bathroom and cautiously made her way down the hallway so that she could finally rest her aching body including her back considering that it is doing most of the work by carrying most of the weight to which she felt like she had swallowed a super watermelon that was growing inside of her.
   As Maggie waddled down the hallway that connected her bedroom and the living room along with the kitchen, she tried to make sure that she didn't bump into anything with her titanic gut that stuck out at least a good two and half feet from her body frame because if she did then she wouldn't be sure if she would be able to bend down to pick that particular object back up so she cautiously watched what her belly passed as she waddled into her bedroom. Just barely making it to her soft bed, she picked up her clothes that laid on top of her neat bed spread and tossed them in to a clothes basket that sat just next to her dresser then climbed into it with her belly rubbing up against the surface.
   Pulling her swollen body onto it's soft surface, she sank into it feeling the tension on her back be relieved and be supported by the cushions of the bed itself. Maggie moaned as she sunk in while feeling glad that she made it to her bed without toppling over and feeling like the worlds biggest human balloon or the cousin to the Pillsbury Dough boy or worse, his wife but the thought about being the Pillsbury Dough boy's baby mamma and carrying around a bunch of Pillsbury Dough babies inside her made her laugh a little until her stomach interrupted her good feeling when it decided to present itself by gurgling and groaning.
   " Oooh, whats wrong tummy? Are you upset? " Maggie said as she caressed and rubbed her belly.
   As if it heard her speaking, her belly let out another gurgle that made her feel sick to her stomach like she was on the verge of puking up everything that she ate so she began to rub her belly in a circular motion along the sides of it to try and calm it down even though that the feeling of shifting content inside her didn't help. Maggie continued to rub the sides of her belly until the audible gurgling it made had calmed down to a subtle bubbling like feeling within her to which that she slid further under her covers and with one hand, she reached out and turned off the lamp that sat next to her. 
  " Alright, Subject is asleep. Now to wait and see what happens next. " Jenna said as she watched Maggie through her binoculars from a near by roof top.
  " .... Jenna, what's the status on the subject? Over. " Steve said through Jenna's walkie talkie that sat on her hip. 
  " Subject is now asleep. Over.  " Jenna said as she picked up the walkie talkie from her hip.
  ".... Good. Jenna, I want you keep an eye on her till day break then bug out got it? Copy back. " Steve said to Jenna.
  " Got it. Over and out. " Jenna said as she ended the conversation with her boss, Steve.
  Jenna Kept watch through out the night until morning then packed up her things along with the notes she had made about Maggie, the subject to an experiment that has been going on through a series of augmentation pills that she had been taking for sometime now to which she has had no problems other than the constant hunger that she has been experiencing lately but ultimately did not notice until yesterday afternoon. Jenna shoved her stuff in her back pack and threw it over her shoulder as she darted for the ladder that led all the way down to a near by ally way where she placed her Audi RX7 in case that something had gone wrong and needed a quick get away. 
  She grabbed hold of the ladder and began to climb down it's old rusted frame when the bolts came loose and the ladder hung on to the brick building by one bolt that was just barely holding itself in place. Jenna felt the rusted ladder shake and jerk with her on it so she looked up to find that the bolts come loose to which she didn't waste anytime when she saw that the ladder was falling off of the brick building that she was on by increasing her rate of descent by grabbing a hold of the sides of the ladder and sliding down with tremendous speed. 
   When she saw that the ground was getting closer and closer with each passing second, she made the decision to let go of the rusted ladder as it fell free of the brick building and began to make it's way down just like Jenna was but only at a much faster rate than she intended. Jenna pushed herself away from the ladder and landed on her back as she watched the rusted ladder land just beside her to which she was glad that she wasn't on it when it had landed or other wise she would've been impaled and all her research concerning her job, not to mention that her boss would get in big trouble for doing for the illegal experimentation that he has been conducting for a few years now.
  " That was close. " Jenna said as she picked herself up and dusted away any signs of dirt and gravel that was on her black shirt. 
  Jenna began to pick up her things when she saw that her phone got smashed while she fell off the ladder and the ladder itself landed on top of it and thus smashing it into tiny bits of plastic and metal. She looked down at her phone as she couldn't believe that her phone got pummeled by an old looking ladder that the city should've replaced it decades ago but looked like they never got around to doing that so she picked up the pieces of of her phone and placed them in her bag as she picked it up and walked over to her car which wasn't to far from where she had landed just moments before. 
   She approached the driver side of her car and fumbled to pull the keys out of her pants pocket to open up the passenger side door to only toss her bag in the front seat then closed it without thinking twice and walked around to climb in the driver side. Jenna pulled open the car door and slipped in and the car roared to life as she stuck her keys in the ignition and turned them clockwise then drove off fast so that no one would see her including the person that she was spying on, Maggie. 
   " That was close. " Jenna said as she drove out of the ally way.
   " I can't believe how big she's gotten since I last saw her and that was only just yesterday. " Jenna said in disbelief.
   " My findings should be sound for the comity. Jenna said as she looked at the picture of her and Steve hanging on the rear view mirror of her car.
   " Sorry Steve but this has one way or another. " Jenna said to the picture of her and Steve holding each other. 
  Jenna looked away from the picture and back to the road as she drove strait for the highway but what she doesn't know that Steve had put a tail on her so that he would know if she was doing something that she wasn't suppose to and in this case, she was heading strait for the comity office on the west side of town where she lived as well. She drove down the highway when she noticed that someone was following her but wasn't to sure so she sped up and moved from the left lane to the right and sure enough that a black sedan was in fact was following her to which she hated when she has a tail on her.
  " So Steve, this what you've resorted to? " Jenna said as she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the sedan move with her.
   She looked at the black sedan that was following her and decided that is was time to play a game or two so she pressed down on the gas pedal to go faster and began to start doing evasive maneuvers to try and lose the tail that her boss had put on her but had trouble doing so as the sedan kept on going faster and faster to which it began to approach the back of the her car and began to ram her off the highway. As she jerked around with each hit that the sedan rammed her with, and eventually started to get annoyed at the fact that her rear bumper was now hanging off of the frame due to the sedan to which she just put down a few thousand dollars into her car and now she was going to have to put even more down to get it fixed.
  " Alright so you play? lets play. " Jenna said as she stomped on the gas pedal in order to make her car go faster and to lose the tail that Steve had placed on her. 
  Jenna began to weave through the traffic of cars when she noticed that there was construction going on that was just a quarter mile ahead of her and she didn't need a traffic jam so she saw the off ramp and made a hard right onto it that lead towards the east side of the city where she could hopefully lose her tail there. Still going fast, she weaved and avoided traffic as she sped down the road when two police officers noticed her speeding down the roadway along with the black sedan behind her.
  " Oh great... that's what I need, cops on my ass. " Jenna said aggravated like. 
  She pressed down on the gas pedal all the way to the floor so that she could not only lose the cops, but lose her tail as well to which she was succeeding at. Jenna zigzagged into oncoming traffic then made a hard left around a corner then sped off to which she made a hard right into a parking garage where she sped all the way to the top and lost both the cops and the tail that her soon to be former boss Steven had placed on her but the reason as to why was vague up until where she saw a cop car pull up after what seemed like hours but in reality, it has just only been mere minutes since she hasn't seen either of them.   
  Jenna ducked down into her car followed by turning off the engine so that she wouldn't be spotted as easily. As the police officers looked for her, she watched them through her rear view mirror where she waited in hope that they would go away so that she could get back to her apartment and plan out her next move seeing how Steven had just declared war on her by having a tail follow her nearly all the way to her house, that was until she noticed the tail and got rid of them.
  " I see nothing Rick! " The police officer said, calling back to the other police officer.
  " Same here Paul. Wanna get a coffee? " Rick said, calling back.
  " Na, I'm getting off in a few minutes and I don't need something that'll keep me up all damn night. " Paul said.
  " Alright. Do you wanna report it? Or should I? " Rick said, asking Paul a question.
  " Yeah sure. " Paul said as he and the other officer climbed back into their police cruiser and drove down the ramp that led up to the roof of the parking garage.
  When the police officers left, Jenna looked up to see that no one was there other than herself and her car so she climbed out and pulled a round, circular device from within the car and placed it atop of the roof. Jenna took a few steps back and watched as the circular device dispensed a candy apple red color in aerosol form that took shape of the car and cover it from front to back until the previous color of the car was blanketed in a red mist that began to hug the exterior of the car itself.
  After the device was finished, Jenna took a look at the new color that was covering the previous one and liked how it matched her hair so she approached it with one hand and laid it across the red metallic top that was now the current color of her Audi. She smiled as she ran her hand along the side of the car and no paint came off which proved that the device has proved to be useful like it always has in the past when she needed it the most when she remembered that the two police officers probably wrote down the number of her plate to which wasn't good for her and for her line of business that she was in.
  " I see that you have become useful yet again old friend. " Jenna said as she picked up the circular device and placed it back in her pocket. 
 " And, I see that you also have changed the licence plate number too. " Jenna said as she patted her pocket then got back in her car.
   " Alright, lets go home. " Jenna said as she placed the keys in the ignition and drove off the roof of the parking garage by going down the ramp fast like. 
  While Jenna drove home, Maggie was just waking up from her well deserved rest on her soft bed when she noticed that her white sheet that had covered her already swollen body was covering something much larger now. Maggie rubbed her eyes thinking that it was a trick of the light but to her surprise that it wasn't so with one hand, she rose it up from her side and poked the white covered mass with her index finger but to her amazement that the unknown mass was in fact her swollen belly that had grown so large that she was unable to see over the top of it.
  " Oh god, please tell me that you didn't do what I think you did. " Maggie said as she stared at the White mound of cloth that seemed to tent over her rather large mid section.
  Maggie Reached up to the covers that tented over her body and quickly pulled them off to find herself staring at a mass of swollen flesh that was attached to her petite frame to which all that she heard was the sounds of her own screams as she shrieked out in shock as to how big her stomach had gotten from the time that she went to sleep to the time that she had awoken from her slumber to which that was now. She reached out her hand slowly and placed it on the mass that towered over her, trying to make sure that she didn't apply to much pressure on her stomach or she feared that she might explode with what she still thought that was all the stuff that she had consumed the other day and not something else.
  " Okay tummy, this is too big! even for me. " Maggie said as she rubbed her super sized stomach with both hands.
  " Maybe this is a dream? Yeah! And I'm just having bad indigestion while I'm asleep. " Maggie said to herself as she reached one of her hands over to her other arm and pinched it to which she gave out a loud yelp.
  She as she pinched herself, she closed her eyes and waited to wake up but after a moment she realized that this wasn't a dream and the mound of flesh that stuck out of her at least a good few feet was very much real to which she began to worry that wouldn't be able to fit into her work clothes when she were to go into work later on in the day at around Three, forty-five P.M. to which her job was across town as well. Caught between worried and bewildered about her new problem and how she was gonna solve it to which she hadn't even begun to think about, she was only focused on her more current problem and that was trying to get out of her bed with out toppling over like a house of cards being blown down by the wind so she began to rock herself until she felt like she began to build momentum.
   " Okay... One.... Two.... Three and here we go! "  Maggie said as she rocked her self off of her bed and onto the floor.
 Maggie fell over with a solid thud as her stomach was the first thing to touch the hard wooden floor followed by Maggie herself letting out an " Oof, " as she felt her large gut land hard and shift all of its content around within it. She looked around to realize that she had gotten so large during her sleep that her belly was balancing herself up in a way where it began to make her feel slightly awkward compared to a normal person of normal size would've just fell face first and not have the tips of their feet touching the floor and her arms suspended in mid air by the size of her gut alone.
  " Okay, now this is just awkward. " Maggie said as her finger tips were just inches away from touching the floor of her bed room. 
  Maggie struggled to get up off of her floor but came to a new realization, the weight of her stomach was pinning her down in place and felt like how she acted in front of the pizza guy last night when she pretended to fake being stuck on the floor because of her size but only now she wasn't faking it anymore because she was actually stuck on her stomach. She struggled to reach for the top of her bed so that she could pull herself up but couldn't do to the fact that she was just one inch to far from reaching it so she had to think up a plan as to how.
  " Great, not only that I'm stuck on the floor but I feel like I swallowed an over inflated yoga ba... Ouch!!! " Maggie said as she tipped over and fell face first into the floor. 
  " That's it! " Maggie said as a sudden stuck of inspiration had hit her in the face literally.
  She placed both of her hands down on the floor and used her gigantic belly as a way to lift herself up off the floor as she pushed off to which that caused her belly to turn downwards and causing Maggie to fall on her knees which was a big improvement than the position that she was in just moments before. Placing her hand on her belly and the other on top of the bed now that she was able to just barely reach it before she felt like she was gonna tip again so she got a good grip as she felt herself began to tip over to which she placed her other hand that was rested on her belly and out on to the bed for support.
  As she fell over, she used all of her strength to pull herself up to which she was barely able to do as her arms trembled as she hoisted herself up in the air and back onto the bed but only instead of laying back down and making herself feel like a turtle that has been flipped over, she sat on her butt in order to avoid another incident like that again. When she sat herself on her comfortable bed, she realized that she felt more of a cushion on her butt but just thought that it was just her paranoid mind going frantic about her belly bloating out to an incredible new size that she wasn't yet use to.
  " - Phew - That was close. " Maggie said as she patted her belly in relief.
  " Now lets go see how big you've gotten. " Maggie said as she rocked herself up and off of her bed without falling over this time.
  When she got up, she felt a sudden shift in weight like something moving around in her to which she just thought that it was all the stuff that she had ingested moving around due to the sudden change in position from sitting to standing so she held her stomach for a second or two then continued to walk to the bathroom so that she could see how big she had gotten in the mirror. As she waddled out of her room and into the hallway, she made sure that she didn't bump into something that could be knocked over especially how the size of her girth had increased ten fold so she had to be really careful now but as she suddenly had the urge to pee like she had drank over a gallon of water and was holding her bladder all day so she quickened the pace of how she waddled and barely made it to the entrance way of the bathroom without tiring herself out.
  Maggie leaned up against the wall that was just close to the entrance way of the bathroom as she was out of breath from her sudden quicken in pace but had to continue when she felt the urge to go become more powerful so she pushed herself off of the wall and waddled into the bathroom. Her belly was the first thing to enter the bathroom followed by her breasts and followed by herself as she rushed over to the toilet and pulled down her pajama pants followed by her panties as she sat down on the toilet and let her body do what had to be done and that was letting it release the muscles that was holding the bladder from releasing that it had contained.
  After Maggie sat on the toilet for what seemed like forever to her, she finally stopped peeing and pulled a square of toilet paper off of the roll that was attached to the light blue tiled wall then began to wipe herself off followed by pulling up her pajama pants and panties as she attempted to stand up off of the toilet in order to look at her belly in the bathroom mirror. As she began to stand up, she realized that her butt was starting to spill over the seat of the toilet a little bit so she moved the lower half of her body around to see if it was just her frantic mind but it wasn't so she pulled up her pajama bottoms as she stood up and began to waddle over to the bathroom mirror where she found that not only did her stomach grow in size but so did the rest of her body.
  She looked at her face and saw that her cheeks bones had more of a puff to them when ever she made a smile and looked at her jaw and realized that she had a double chin that had begun to form just beneath her other chin. When she looked at her new double chin, she noticed that her breast had gotten bigger and her cleavage had gotten much deeper than what she could remembered so she pressed her breasts gently together and realized that not only they have gotten bigger but they had doubled in sized to which it made her feel ecstatic but she thought that if her breast had gotten larger then that meant that her butt did to so she turned around and began to try and see if her butt was any larger than last night but realized that her butt not only got bigger but her hips had begun to spill over the sides of her pajama bottoms to form love handles.  
  " I don't believe it.... " Maggie said in shock. 
  " It worked.... it actually worked! " Maggie said to herself as she caressed and held her new curves.
  " And I can see my belly button is starting to pop back out again. " Maggie said as she looked in the mirror at her large belly and saw a subtle bump where her belly button was suppose to be.
  " But I don't think I'm done yet because I need to order the second stage of this stuff. " Maggie said as she reached up and grabbed the empty bottle that sat empty in the cabinet. 
   As Maggie looked at the empty bottle when she had just realized how big her stomach had stuck out from her body. She looked at her belly and how it stuck out so far that her tank top couldn't cover it anymore and was force up to her breast to which her breast shad grown big enough where she thought that she was the now the same size as her friend Sally, if not bigger so she placed the empty pill bottle on top of her belly and saw that she didn't even need to sit down anymore in order to hold things on it which was a real shocker to her until a subtle grumble from her belly had brought her back from gazing at her increasing horizon line. She looked down and saw that the pill bottle that she had placed on her belly had shook slightly as she felt an emptiness began to form followed by a bubbling sensation that moved throughout her body. 
  " What's wrong tummy? Are you hungry still? I wouldn't be surprised seeing how big you've gotten over night. " Maggie said as she patted her stomach.
  " Well, I suppose that I'll feed you after I get done calling the pharmacy people and tell them that I've finished the first batch of this stuff and ready for the second and third batch. " Maggie said as she grabbed the pill bottle off of her belly and began to waddle out of the bedroom and down the hallway that connected to the living all the while still being careful of what she bumped into.
  She waddled out into the living room and saw where she placed her cellphone which was on the couch so she waddled over to the side of it to try and lean down when her stomach pressed up against the arm chair so she waddled around to the front of the couch to see if she could try and bend down without falling face first into the couch cushion so she tried to lean down when she felt some pressure build up towards the front of her belly as she bent down which resorted in practically squatting down due to the new size of her gravid belly when she felt like she was gonna topple over so she quickly stood up as she realized that bending down was now becoming a bit of a problem for her.
   " Okay so now I think I can add bending over and counters to my list enemies when I'm like this. " Maggie said as she tapped her large belly as it let out another grumble but following that was a gurgle and a slight growl.
  " I know tummy, your hungry and I will feed you soon but after I try and attempt to get my cell phone. " Maggie said as she looked down at her belly and rubbed it maternal like. 
  Maggie shifted her body so that the couch would be facing her side which pointed her huge belly out to the apartment window then began to move herself as close as she could then began to squat down while reaching for her cell phone so that she could call the  pharmacy that she was told to call when she ran out of that stuff and could begin the second trial of the experiment that she did not know much about other than what she already know. She reached out for her cell phone that sat on top of her laptop just waiting for her to use it while she struggled to get it without falling over when as she grabbed it, she suddenly felt her center of gravity shift once again and making her fall on her backside just as she grabbed the cell phone off of the laptop.
  She fell with a thud as she fell on her back side all the while losing her grip on her cellphone and tossing it across the floor and next to one of the legs of the kitchen table. Maggie held her head from the massive headache she received from slamming her head against the wooden surface of her apartment when she felt like something very heaving was sitting on top of her chest and making it hard for her to breathe so with on hand covering the back of her head, she looked up to realized that the only that was causing her to have trouble breathing was in fact her gigantic stomach sitting atop of her curvier frame like as if it was claiming owner ship of her.
  With a sudden shock as to how heavy the giant globe of flesh was, she placed her free hand and began to rub the side of her belly with ease while still feeling it heavy weight baring down against her body while trying to squeeze every once of air she had in her to which she knew that if she didn't turn to her side soon then she'd be sure to pass out from the lack of oxygen that she was receiving. Maggie began to rock herself back and forth slightly so that she could hopefully rock herself on to her side but as she continuously rocked herself from side to side, she felt everything shift inside her and made her began to feel sick.
  Maggie stopped rocking herself in hope that the feeling of nausea she was experiencing would subside long enough for her to be able to get herself up before she passed out from the lack of oxygen due to the immense size and weight of her monstrous girth that sat atop of her body like a flesh toned mountain that continuing to steadily grow, despite of the lack of knowledge that Maggie knew about the pills that she had been taking for only a couple of weeks and have had little to no results until she began to feel extremely hungry to which led her to her more now recent predicament involving the massive size of her growing mid section.
  As she layed there feeling like a tortuous that had been turned on to it's back, she began to feel the realm of sleep starting to take hold of her by making her drowsy and her eye lids heavy to which she knew that if she were to fall asleep now then there would be no telling in what would happen to her so she began to fight the sleepy feeling that was beginning to take a hold of her by the only way she knew how and that was trying to start to rock herself again. Maggie placed both of her hands on the sides of her monumental stomach that stuck out of her frame at least a good few feet as she began to pick up momentum by rocking herself back and forth all the while fighting the unforgiving force of gravity that was pinning her down onto the hard wooded floor of her apartment by making her belly nearly impossible to maneuver due to it's increasing size and weight of the shifting cargo that was within her.
  " C'mon girl, you can do it!... " Maggie said to her self as she rocked her giant belly back and forth over and over until she began to feel herself begin to rock along with it.
  " Okay... Here... We... GO! " Maggie said as she felt herself begin to tip over following with her belly slamming into the floor with a loud thud.
  When Maggie's belly slammed into the hard wooded surface, she felt everything that was inside her to violently shift and causing the mound of flesh that was attached to her to emit a loud sloshing noise like someone was shaking a gallon of water extremely hard to which it felt very unsettling to her so she moved her hand up the side of her belly to try and sooth the sound that her stomach was now making. With a loud gurgle and constant sloshing, she felt like she was gonna be very sick but was glad that she could at least breathe easier now knowing that she wasn't going to pass out from the lack of oxygen but now had to get her cell phone to which wasn't within reaching distance so that meant that she would have to drag herself across the floor to which she knew that it wasn't going to be easy but not impossible.
  Maggie pried her other hand loose that was beneath her gargantuan abdomen that was still making discomfort noises and picked herself up and began to slowly drag herself across the floor of her apartment to her cell phone that sat just beneath the kitchen table. One by one she placed each hand out in front of the other and pulled herself along the cold, wooden surface of the apartment floor that felt cool to the touch as she dragged her giant stomach across the floor to which was becoming increasingly difficult for her but she knew that she had to get her cell phone before she struggled to get up because if she did then she'd have even more trouble trying to get her cellphone I mean sure she could just knock on some stranger's door and ask for them for their help but it was still early and wasn't sure if anyone was even in her apartment building. 
   She continued to struggle as she dragged herself across the floor of her apartment but managed to reach her cell phone that sat just beneath the kitchen table. With one finger, she reached out and placed it on the very edge of her cell phone then began to use her finger to drag it close enough to her to where she could pick it up with ease and finally be able to pull herself up by placing her hand atop of the kitchen table and using it to pull herself up once more with the hope to never having to bend over again until she got use to her new size or revert to her normal sized body to which had no idea when that would be but she had a sneaking suspicion that wouldn't be for quite some time. 
  When Maggie managed to pull her cell phone close enough to her with just one finger, she pulled it close enough to her so that she could grab a hold of it to which she then placed one hand atop of the kitchen table and the other with cell phone in hand and began to pull herself up from the hard wood surface of her apartment. She struggled to pull herself up off of the floor but managed to get her footing as she began to feel the hem of her stomach lift off of the ground just enough for her to get into the kneeling position to which she then used one leg and what little strength she had left in her arms and pulled her self up on to her feet without breaking the table in half.
  Maggie panted as she placed both of her hands on her knees then placed one hand on her grumbling stomach that signaling that it was time to feed it again even though that she had enough food in her to feed an entire army platoon but without denying her hungry stomach, she stood up and began to waddle over to her refrigerator to see what was left in it. She grabbed the handle and opened to find that it was practically barren of food accept for the leftovers that she had completely forgotten about when she was celebrating her nieces fifth birthday just three days ago so she was curious enough to look under the paper party plate that she had forgotten about to which she found some leftover pizza and remains of a cake that no one else wanted but her. 
  " I don't know tummy, it's been in there for three days. " Maggie said as she rubbed her greatly distended stomach. 
  As she rubbed her stomach, it began to make another grumbling sound that managed to make the already stretched skin around her swollen abdomen shake and wiggle slightly as she heard her stomach let out a empty but lout growl. Maggie held the side of her stomach as she felt the empty feeling that she thought that had finally subsided but had returned with vengeance as this feeling began to make her below in a low groan as she never felt anything like it in her life before but was now wondering why she was feeling like this and when will it end so she outstretched her hand and picked up the plate and began to eat the food that was on the party plate.
  When Maggie scarfed down chunks of the pepperoni pizza, she felt the mulched remains slide down her throat and into her stomach to which gave a low but subtle gurgle as it quickly digested the food with satisfaction. She placed the party plate atop of her belly as she turned around and closed the refrigerator door behind her to which she realized that she had gotten so large that her belly had become a literal fleshy table that was attached to her as she waddled over to her couch to relax her already hurting back from the immense strain it was already under from the extreme amount of weight it was struggling to hold up.
  Maggie fell back into the couch with a loud plop as she felt herself sink into it's soft cushions that were relieving the tension on her aching back. She reached up and placed her cell phone in between the new mounds flesh that pressed themselves together to form a cavern like cleavage that was her breast then reached over for the remote that worked her flat screen television without spilling any of the food that she had placed on her greatly distended abdomen while she pressed the power button on the remote that had a circle on it with a line that was going a quarter of the way through it and flipped through the channels while munching on leftover pizza from a party she was attending just a few days prior to her massive stuffing when she spotted something rather interesting on the News channel so she flipped back and decided to watch.
   " In other news... " The news reporter said, just before pausing in mid sentence.
   " A high speed chase went underway this morning as an unknown salient tore through the city and leaving our boys in blue in the dust. " The news reporter said while the high speed chase was being played on a loop.
  While Maggie watched the news of the high speed chase that was being played in a loop, she munched down on the old party favors that she had placed atop of her belly as it was large enough to where it could be used as a table to which felt completely odd to her she supposed that she would get use to the feeling until she shrunk down back to normal size but what she didn't know was that the experimental pills that she was given we're augmenting her body in more ways then one and making her increasing the size and mass of her breasts, but and growing belly that seemed to her that it was always hungry but considering that she had a fascination for the expanding size of her and anyone else's girth, she still was attracted to men but wasn't in the dating mood considering how her last relationship turned out to which she was glad that she was single so that she could do what loved to do best and that was stuff herself.
  As she continued to munch down on her food, she realized that she wasn't even sure that she would be able to get in her work clothes now that she looked like she swallowed three separate water melons and filled the rest of the spaces with whatever liquid that she could find so she placed down the now empty container that she sat on her fleshy globe of a stomach and began to rock herself up off of the couch so that she could try on her work clothes. After two rocking like motions, she managed to get herself up off of the couch and began to waddle towards her bedroom when she realized that while trying on her work clothes would be somewhat of a hassle but would be also a good time to capture some pictures of her giant belly in some rather small clothing considering that her fans have been every good to her by liking and buying her videos she posted up on a separate sight.
  Maggie looked around the couch for her cellphone when she realized that with her breasts being so large that she had completely forgotten about where she had placed it in the first place and that was between her large breasts that if she didn't know any better that the she would assume that they had gotten to nearly the size of her friend's Sally's breasts. She reached down into her cleavage pulled out her cellphone with little surprise as she remembered where she had placed it in the first place then with out hesitation, she began to head off to her bedroom so that she could try on her uniform.  
  When she got to her bedroom, she waddled over to her closet and began to rummage around to find her button up uniform shirt that she always kept on a hanger along with the rest of her work clothes until she found it hiding just behind her winter jacket so she pulled the button up shirt off of the hanger and tossed it on her bed then went over to her dresser where she had all of her clothes and began to rummage around within it until she found her work pants. Maggie pulled out her work pants and waddled over to retrieve her button up shirt when she realized that her work clothes were resting not in front of her body but on top of her giant belly that stuck out for what seemed like to her was a mile to which she decided to leave her work pants in her room and just try on her work shirt to see if it still fit to which doubted greatly. 
  Maggie stuck her arm through the sleeves of her work shirt to find that the sleeves began to hug the curves of her arms a little more then what she remembered but didn't mind to much about it so she stuck her other arm through the sleeve of her work shirt to which that it did the same thing as it did to her other arm but she payed no attention to it. She began to button up her work shirt starting with the top of the chest section to which that she found that her shirt was a little more constricting around her bust line but that didn't surprise her considering that she had been taking those augmentation pills that would give her a bigger bust line to show off at the club when she was with her friends.
   As she buttoned her work shirt, she started to have great trouble buttoning it up around her belly so she sucked in her stomach as much as she could as she struggled with buttoning up the buttons around her belly that weren't already strained by her new size. Maggie struggled but managed to button up her work shirt just before she began to hear the sudden sounds of creaking and the sounds of the seem of her work shirt begin to pull themselves apart from one another so she quickly waddled down the hallway and strait into her bathroom where she took some photo's her in her work shirt just before she couldn't hold in her stomach any longer and had finally let it out. 
  When Maggie stopped sucking in her stomach, the button's couldn't withstand the major change to the strain of the body that they were trying so hard to keep covered but ultimately couldn't so they did what all things did and that was burst apart. Maggie's stomach and breast came pouring out as the button's on her work shirt popped off one by one, making more and more room for the three expanding orbs that were very slowly dominating her body to which she was very unaware of but was now more than aware of her size and how she had single handedly destroyed her work shirt with just one exhale from her tired muscles.
  " Wow.... " Maggie said in shock.
  " If I thought that I didn't look huge before... " Maggie said to herself as she saw her reflection in the mirror.
  Maggie's hand traced the curvature of the top of her belly and ran it all the way up to her large breast that stuck out well beyond what her work shirt could cover but she didn't mind too much at all as she was completely turned on by the way how she now looked in destroyed clothing that use to be her work clothes. After moment's of marveling in her size, she another set of photo's that she would later label in her laptop as " Destroyed work clothes, "  but first she needed to take her work shirt off and she wasn't sure if she could do that but she knew she had to try.
  She pulled out her left arm then her right arm and felt like she could move freely again as she wrapped the torn work shirt in her hands as she waddled out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom as she now had to think on what she could wear that would be work appropriate given her circumstances as she was much too large for her old work clothes and need to find ones that could fit her so she spent the next two hours going through every single article of clothing that she had in her closet and dresser drawers in some hope that she could find something that would fit her and not rip off of her like her work shirt did but unfortunately though, she didn't find a thing that would fit her gravid belly huge boobs.
  " What am I going to do? " Maggie said as she sat down on her bed, cradling her belly with one hand while she used her other hand to prop herself up right.
  " I have no clothes that will fit me due to my size and I got to get to work in six hours from now and I look like beached whale! " Maggie said, starting to get a little nervous.
  As she thought about what to do, she maneuvered her hand from the cradle position to having it lay on top of her belly and tapping away with some sort of beat of a song that she knew when she inspiration hit hit her like a ton of bricks being dropped on a construction worker from a hundred up in the air. She remembered that she had some vacation time coming towards her way that she had been saving for whenever she needed to or wanted to take off for a bit so that she could enjoy herself and stuff herself to her hearts content or in this case, try to work off all the food she had ate within the last twenty-six hours so that she could fit back into her work clothes so that she could earn more money and do something like this again when she had enough vacation time to take off.
  " I could just take some time off for myself, I mean I do have a lot of vacation time coming my way anyways. " Maggie said to herself while rubbing the top of her belly in a circular motion.
  " Yeah, I think that is what I'll do. " Maggie said, confident about her decision.

Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.2
ANNNDDD PART TWO!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the delay and for the choppiness of the story itself but I wanted to test out a different type of writing that doesn't fit with my criteria but none the less....ENJOY!!!!!! Oh and sorry about the way how it is written, stash writer messes everything up


Cj Krypts
United States

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