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" Ugh, I think I over did it on the food a bit. "
Maggie said as she caressed the huge bulge that stuck out of her shirt and unbuttoned jean shorts in discomfort. Her friend Sally was about to say a sarcastic remark till she heard a gratifying gurgle like noise coming from deep within the depths of her friend's distended belly that cut her off before she had a chance to say anything so Maggie looked down and began to rub her belly contently in hope to calm it down before another sound would emerge from its depths causing some unwanted stares that would put her on the spot. She had always hated that feeling of unwanted stares, the way it made her feel like that she stuck out of a crowd like sore thumb and felt like that she was freak as she was called for a time during her early academic years till she had help from her best friend Sally changed the way she acted and left her " weirdness " as the others would call it behind as a dark secret that she would go back to when she was alone and usually she would have loved to enjoyed the feeling of being over stuffed to capacity and hearing her stomach churn and feeling it grumble and slosh around inside her but the gurgling for her though felt weird because she never felt her belly rumble and gurgle at the same time before especially to that intensity so within a few seconds of her rubbing her belly, the intense gurgling had settled down to a dull bubbling sound but could still be heard if anyone got close to her. Sally brushed off the unexpected interruption and continued what she was going to say.
" I'll say, now you can communicate with Mars central command with all that feed back coming from the huge gut of yours there."
Sally said teasing Maggie by prodding her belly like it was a feeble attempt to get an even louder noise out it then before but the only thing she got out of it was a smack on the hand and a scowl from Maggie. Sally flinched back and sarcastically made out the smack on the hand as if Maggie had hit her hard but both& girls new that the other was only playing around and the two pretty much teased each other on a daily basis out of enjoyment and because they have been friends for along time and new everything about each other including their dark secrets.
" Oh ha ha ha, very funny Sally so I guess I can use your double D sized breast as antennas to contact the base then? "
Maggie said as she giggled causing her over stuffed belly to shake and wobble like was just one solid mass, having her to hold it because she could feel the mass quantity of the food and drinks that she had consumed shifting around inside her like as if it had a mind of its own which felt very weird to her and sort of uncomfortable as well but didn't want to admit to herself that it turned her on a little bit.
" Ha! You wish you had breast that were big, round, and firm like mine and besides there they're not that big!"
Sally said to Maggie trying to taunt her. Sally had always been a bit of a busty girl ever since she was in her early teens but was also considered the envy among most of the women populous at her high school because she had " all the right curves in right places, " as they would say out of jealousy, but in most cases she would agree with them because she was eye candy through out the male populous but sometimes she would wear skin tight shorts that showed off her big butt just to taunt the boys and make them drool where they stood out of lust and oh how she enjoyed doing it to especially sometimes she would even wear a tight three buttoned long sleeve shirt that she'd loved to bust the buttons off of when she bent over or relaxed just to show some cleavage when a boy was near her.
" Nope, I don't. I like my boobs just the way the are thank you very much.
Maggie said to Sally, proud of size of her breasts which weren't as big as Sally's but the were just as nice and firm though.
" But you gotta admit though Maggie, Buddie's Buffet has good food. Wouldn't you agree? "
Sally said looking at Maggie, waiting for an answer. Maggie was about to say something when she was interrupted by her belly gurgling and groaning again all while feeling it rumble beneath her hands.
" I think I loved the food a little to much because I think I can't eat another..... "
Maggie stopped what she saying because she felt pressure building up inside her causing a lot of discomfort thus making her cringe. She held and rubbed her belly in a pathetic hope to stop the pressure from getting worse but it didn't, the pressure only grew till she felt something move inside her and was working its way from the center of her belly all the up to the top of her throat and that was a loud burp.


When Maggie waddled into her apartment from an all day binge eating at Buddie's Buffet which she didn't mean to stuff herself silly at the little get together that she was invited to by some of her old friends that she went to high school with but she thought that the food there was sooo good and so did everyone else that was there thought the same thing even though that they didn't enjoy the food as much as she did anyways. She kicked off her sandles and waddled toward 's her comfy couch that she fell into with a solid plop.
She placed one hand across her belly and began to rub it in hope that she can get rid of feeling of indigestion and bloating that plagued her by making her belly gurgle slightly every so often but was relieved that it wasn't as bad as it was earlier in front of the restaurant and when Sally was driving her home. She looked down at her belly and noticed how shallow her belly button had gotten from gorging herself on all that delicious food she ate at that new restaurant from earlier and from the am out of pressure she was feeling, she felt as though that her belly button was pop out at any moment.
Her belly had let out another growl that came from her swollen, distended belly that continued to growl and gurgle as it tried to digest all the food that was contained inside it along with the amount of liquid in it as well. As she felt her belly gurgle and groan out of protest, she started to caress it maternal like in hope that the sound would soon die down so that she could relax a little bit but then, she wondered what she looked like with her new tummy sticking out for all to see? So she got up and waddled towards the bathroom where her mirror was located near her bed room, at the rear of her apartment.
When she waddled into the bathroom and looked at herself in the reflection of the mirror, she looked like that she was entering her fifth or sixth month in pregnancy but the only thing she was pregnant with was a mass quantity of food that presented it's self in her midsection. She studied her new form in the mirror and how far her belly was sticking out her shirt and unbuttoned short shorts.
" If I didn't know better, I'd say that I was pregnant or looked like it! " she said to herself as she giggled and rubbed her belly while pushing it out to make it more huge.
" Excuse me ma'am, I was wondering how far along are you? " Maggie said to herself, pretend that she was a total stranger asking her how pregnant is she.
" I don't know but I think about six maybe seven month's or so. " Maggie said to herself in the mirror just before she stopped trying to push out her belly and started to laugh from the conversation she had with herself.
As she laughed, she felt another gurgling sensation bubbling up from deep confines of her over stuffed and swelled belly that made her caress the orb that stuck out of her frame and smiled at her own reflection and wished she could stay this way forever or even maybe get a little bit bigger.
" shush baby, it's alright because momma's here. " Maggie said to her gurgling belly that growled and even rumbled slightly beneath her hands that were rubbing it .
As she caressed and rubbed her new form, she heard a loud growl coming from her stomach followed by a feeling of hunger which she felt as odd because she just ate a mountain of food not to long ago. She looked in the mirror again and was thinking what would be the people's reaction to her when they see a young girl with her shorts unbuttoned and belly sticking out? They probably think that she was pregnant but the thought of that thrilled her a bit and she liked that so she waddled out of her bathroom with her belly in her hands and started to make her way to the front door.
As she waddled passed her couch, she saw a roll of mentos sitting on the stand next to her couch and she knew that she had some soda left in her fridge so she stood there with her hands resting on her belly while she thought about if she wanted to bloat herself out so that she be even more gigantic than what she was already but was sure if she could handle it though.
" I suppose it can get bigger. " Maggie said, making up her mind as she picked up the mentos and started to make her way towards her refrigerator.
She opened up the refrigerator and reached inside for the bottle of soften pulled it out of it's cold confines to be drank by her. She opened up the package of mentos and swallowed them down whole then she opened up the bottle of soda and placed the tip of it and drank the whole thing till there was nothing left but droplets and an empty wrapper that she threw in the trash can that sat next to the kitchen counter.
" I hope your ready belly, because your gonna get big with what I just put in you. " she said as she rubbed it, feeling the mixture of soda and mentos inside her starting to take it's effect by making her feel like she was a human balloon being filled air.
She placed both of her hands on opposite sides of her belly then shook it to make sure that mixture of soda and mentos that were inside of her were mixing and if they were then she would get twice as big at a much quicker rate. With the feeling of herself expanding, she thought it would be a good idea if she had an elastic band over the button of her short shorts so that they wouldn't fall off of her in the middle of a public place exposing her panties and to possibly pull off the pregnant look that she was starting to get even though that the only thing she was pregnant with was a food baby.
She rubbed her belly as she felt swell and expand beneath her finger along with groaning in protest from the amount of food and liquid she had consumed and now with the recent addition of soda and mentos making her belly expand in all directions, she placed the rubber band around the button of her shorts and through the button hole so that she didn't have to worry about buttoning them up because at the rate she was expanding, she probably couldn't have buttoned them up antiquarian if she tried to so she waddled over to the table to grab her purse and put her candles back on then made her way out the door.
As she waddled down the street to the convenience store with her belly sticking out just ahead of her for all the world to see it in it's absolute glory as it continued to swell outward with its new content inside, it making it push her belly out and thus exposing more of her greatly distended midriff by having it push up more of her shirt and making it expose her shallow belly button that was growing more shallow by the minute with each step that Maggie took but yet she didn't mind how she looked with her belly sticking out because she actually enjoyed it.
With her belly swaying back and forth like one solid mass as she waddled down the street, she entered the convenience store and started to browse and take things off the shelves and out of the refrigeration units that she was in the mood but didn't know why she felt so hungry because with all the food she ate, she should've been feeling like she was gonna get sick to the point of vomiting up everything she ingested earlier in the day like she should be but she didn't feel that way at all but instead she felt great accept for the pressure build up that she was feeling at the current moment and occasional growl from her stomach which was letting her know that it was still hungry but it didn't matter to her so she continued to grab things till her arms were full and had what she was in the mood for then made her to the cash register up front.
She placed all the things that she had picked off the shelve's and had placed them on the register counter so that the cashier could scan them so she would know how much to pay for all the food and things that were before her. Maggie watched the young cashier scan the items across the scanner with ease and with a bored look on her face while occasionally looking up at the clock waiting for her shift to end so she could go home and let the person on the next shift take her place and while she did that, Maggie placed her hand on her belly again and started to rub it and out of habit her hand started to lead itself down her gigantic belly and towards her short short's so that she could finger herself but realized what she was doing and quickly pulled her hand up and towards her belly button without the cashier even noticing what she was about to do to herself.
" That'll be forty three, sixty seven ma'am. "The young Cashier said while chewing her gum then blowing it up like a balloon till it popped then started to chew it again.
" alright then. " Maggie said non shogunate like and began to reach for her bag.
As Maggie began to reach for her bag, She felt a sudden mass of pressure build up and move to the center of her belly and began to spread around her flesh dome that was attached to her frame like a virus. The massive amount of pressure build up to her center caused her enough discomfort for to react out of pain, not alot of pain but just enough to make her cringe at it and place the other free hand on her belly and she began to look down out of human in pulse to the location of where she saw her hand fled to and where she felt the quick build up that lead to her reacting out of pain.
" Bad kick? " The young cashier said to Maggie looking curious.
" What? " Maggie said with a confused face while she rubbed her sore belly.
" Your baby? It kicked hard right? You know a bad kick? " The young cashier said to Maggie while pointing to her belly and chewing her gum.
" Oh right! Hehe, you can say that but she kicks like her dad half the time. " Maggie said to the young cashier while beginning to rub her belly then caressing it maternally while she made up a lie to cover up the reason why she looked like she was pregnant and about ready to have a baby even though she wasn't actually having one.
Maggie reached into her purse and pulled out fourth five dollars and handed it over to the young cashier who took it and gave her back one dollar and sixty seven cents in change and she put the change in her purse and started to focus on her swelling belly that was making a slight gurgle like sound and was also making bubbling like sensation that was turning her on as well.
As the young cashier was putting the items that Maggie had picked out, she noticed that the women that was before her was really focused on her belly so she began to wonder how far along was she in her pregnancy and when was she due? She continued to pull out out grocery bags and stuffed them full of the items that the women before her had paid for until she finally worked up the nerve to ask her and while she was finishing bagging up the last items of food to non the less.
" hey, I don't mean to ask but how far long are you? " The young cashier women behind the counter said to Maggie.
Listening to the question that the young cashier lady asked her, Maggie thought for a second or two while she acted like she was having a mommy to baby moment till she came up with an answer that'll go along with her whole fake pregnancy thing perfectly till she almost forgot about grabbing a roll or two of mentos for later on in the evening when she was gonna do a bigger stuffing to see if her body could handle anymore items that went inside her belly and making it swell out more and make it grow bigger so she reached down to where the candy was and grabbed two rolls of mentos.
" I'm about five, maybe six months along now in my pregnancy and her kicks are now just starting to become noticeable when ever she gets feisty in there or just when she wants some attention. " Maggie said to the young cashier while with one hand on her belly, patting it proudly like it was a prize winner that she was proud of.
Maggie placed them on counter while she had one hand on her belly and asked the young cashier to see if she could ring up those two items as well and explained that with pregnancy on the brain, she nearly forgot to get them and the young cashier understood and pushed the two rolls of mentos threw the cash register scanner and rang up the price while putting them in with the rest of her stuff.
" that'll be two fifty three ma'am." The young cashier said to Maggie now with a little bit of a smile on her face.
Maggie reached into her purse and grabbed a five dollar bill out and handed it over to the cashier without a second thought. When she looked at the young cashier, she knew as he wanted to ask something else as to what? She didn't know but she had a pretty good idea as to what though, maybe the question that the young cashier was thinking about was something about her belly she wanted to ask like when she was due and by the way she looked, she knew that the young cashier was gonna ask it and soon
" I don't mean to pry but when are you due anyways? I mean you look kinda big to be in your fifth or at least sixth month of your pregnancy, to me at least. " The young cashier said to Maggie nervous like, not knowing if she was gonna react harshly or not.
Maggie looked at the young cashier for a second with both of her on her belly protectively covering it like someone was about to take it from her and she didn't want to happen so she began to grow nervous and was hoping that her charade was't been blown by the young cashier that sat behind the store counter. Her mind went blank without a thought of an answer to give her but knew that she had to say something or she'll definitely know that something wrong.
" Yeah I know. I was concerned about how big I was getting as well but my doctor told me that my body is just making extra room for my baby girl in there which apparently is a good thing to have a big belly during your pregnancy. something about the bigger it is then the healthier the baby will be but yeah, She's not due till November so that means she's gonna be an autumn baby." Maggie said to the young cashier that was buying her lie by acting like she wasn't nervous and continued to do what she had been doing and that was caressing while rubbing her swelling belly followed by the occasional pat to it as well.
" Well that's good then. I hope that I'll be able to see you and your new born baby if you ever come back in here after you have her. " The young cashier said to Maggie cheerfully.
" I don't know but we'll see what happens in...... " Maggie said as she stopped what she was saying and both girls that were in the convenience store focused on the intense growling noise that was emanating from deep within her belly.
" Jeez, that a real intense growl that came from you just now. " the young cashier girl said to Maggie out of shock of what she just heard coming from her stomach.
" I know right? That was pretty loud so I think I'm gonna get going and feed my little peanut in here or other wise she's gonna make me go after the entire stock of food that's in this store if she rings the dinner bell again. " said Maggie caressing her belly with one hand and convincing the young store clerk that she was indeed in fact pregnant and getting very hungry which she was starting to.
" Alright ma'am, have a good one. " said the young store clerk.
" Yeah you to miss. " Maggie said, trying to be polite to the young cashier clerk.
As Maggie collected her things that the young cashier clerk had rung up and pulled them off the register counter then started to waddle away with the things that she had purchased just moments before in her hands and started to make her way towards the entrance of the convenience store. As the young cashier clerk watched as Maggie waddled out the main entrance of the store with her belly swaying back and forth in front of her like one solid mass that was attached to her frame and all the young cashier clerk did was just smile.
When the young cashier clerk saw Maggie waddle out the entrance of the store, the young cashier reached down behind the counter and into her purse that sat on a shelf just next to the mini television along with other trinkets that sat near it as well and pulled out her touch screen cell phone so that she could call her contact about her target that she was assigned to and let her know about her progress.
" Hey it's Jenna, I wanna talk to Steve..... That's between me and him Kurt that's why..... Thank you Kurt..... Hey Steve..... I'm good, I'm good..... Oh yeah, yeah, she's definitely shown some progress..... Ummm, I think that she's still in the first stage because she was still pretty hungry..... Oh trust me, between the growling of her stomach I heard coming from her not to long ago and buying up nearly everything in stock in this rinky dink store you've placed me in so I'd definitely say that she maybe still in the first stage..... No, she still doesn't suspect anything yet but I think she's actually enjoying the enhancement..... But Steve are you sure? Wouldn't giving it to her that early risk additional possible side effects besides the ones that are apparent, if not cause some problems if her body were to reject it?..... Alright but I don't think that it's such a good idea I mean wait at least for another day or two before giving her the second stage of the drug so that I can be sure..... please?..... Thank you so much Steve..... Okay Steve I will and thank you again..... Bye..... CLICK! " said Jenna as she got done talking to her boss and was relieved that he listened to her and not went a head in sending the second stage of the drug early to Maggie so Jenna put her phone back in her and just hoped that her boss Steve was actually gonna listen to her which she doubt that he even will.

As Maggie waddled up the street with her arms holding bags that were filled with food, she still couldn't believe that young cashier at that store back there had believed in her little white lie about her being five or six months pregnant with a little girl and was due this November which made her giggle slightly to herself as it amused her a tiny bit but what she still couldn't understand though was why that cashier girl looking so closely at her? Maybe she secretly liked how Maggie looked in her current situation with her belly sticking out before her and looking like the bride of Santa Claws that was on vacation.
Maggie continued to think about it as she continued to waddle to her apartment building that was just no more than two blocks away from her from where she currently was walking which wasn't far at all. As she waddled, she passed other civilians that came across her path and some of them stopped to ask her how she was and how far along was she before she gave birth along with some of them even rubbing her belly which she enjoyed but wanted to get home so that she could relax and enjoy herself.
With relief washing over her as she was approaching her apartment building, she hurried up as fast as her body would let her but she could feel all the food and drinks begin to move around inside her as her belly shook when she hurried and was beginning to make her feel queasy so she was forced to slow down before her she vomited all over the sidewalk causing her big, round belly shrank but luckily for her that she didn't need to hurry anymore because her apartment building was just twenty feet in front of her.
" Ooooh, my belly doesn't feel to good. " Maggie said as she placed all her groceries down just in front of her apartment building entrance and began to rub her belly once more in a futile attempt to calm it and it's cargo down from making her get sick.
When her belly settled down and the queasiness began to dissipate, she bent back down to feel everything shift all at once inside her and causing to feel like she had swallowed a bunch of bricks so with one hand she placed one hand atop of her belly for a second or two then picked up her groceries that layed just before her feet and went inside. She checked her mail to find the usual junk in it then waddled up the stairs slowly and slightly struggling a little due to her expanding size.
" if... this is what.... a pregnant women.... has..... to.... go through.... then I..... am...... glad that...... I'm....... not...... pregnant. " Maggie said as she huffed and puffed as she struggled to climb up the stairs to only realize that pregnant looking women and stairs don't mix.
As she reached the final step of what seemed like to her the longest stair case on the face of this planet, she was more than glad to have reached the second floor of the apartment building that her apartment was on. She waddled down the hallway with gigantic belly sticking out of her shirt and leading the way feeling more than glad that she was close to " home plate " as she called it from time to time when she was feeling sassy or eager to get home when she felt her belly beginning to gurgle and rumble again followed by feeling of the same pressure build up as she did before.
What's going on with you today my dear tummy? Why are you so upset? " Maggie said to her belly caring like as she shifted all her groceries to one hand and thus freeing up the other so she could place her free hand on the bare skin of tummy and rub it materially then eventually continued to waddle to her apartment with out realizing right away that her belly was still in fact growing.
She approached her her apartment door and was with a wave of relief washing over her like a tidal wave because she was home so she placed her things down and started to fish out her keys from her purse that she swore that sometimes it held her keys hostage and wouldn't let them go until it felt like it. When she finally found her keys, she went to place the key in the key hole when she noticed that her belly had bumped into her door before she had a chance to even unlock it yet which she just noticed how big her belly has gotten and was continuing to get.
" Jeez, I didn't realize that the reason why you've been so upset today is not of what I ate but because of how big you are..... awe well. " Maggie said to her self as she rubbed her growing belly with worry for a few moments then started to rub it with pleasure.
She kept rubbing her titanic belly till she found herself with her own hand down her short shorts and inching her way to her lady parts to finger herself in the bliss that she was feeling in the hallway of her apartment building so quickly pulled out her hand from her short shorts and placed the key in the key hole and opened the door feeling a little embarrassed. She kicked off her candles as she waddled threw her door and placed her groceries down on the table for the final time then started to pull out all the items that she paid for that were within the bags.
When she was done pulling out all the confines that were within the bag and had set them down on the table and was ready to gorge herself in all the food that her belly can take before what little space that her belly contained would eventually run out from the massive stuffing but before she could stuff herself how ever she needed to do a couple of things so she waddled over to her room to grab a tape measure, a pen and paper pad, and her new touch screen camera so that she could document her before and after progress from the stuffing she was about to do.
Maggie gathered the things that she needed and waddled out of her bedroom and made her way towards the bathroom so that she could do a before stuffing for her blog on the internet. As she waddled towards the bathroom with her hands full, she could hear and feel her stomach growl and churn followed by the occasional gurgling that came from her distended belly.
" I know you want some attention my darling tummy, I know and you will soon." Maggie said as she waddled down the hallway with her hands holding the tape measure and other things that she had grabbed from her room.
She waddled into the bathroom and set her things down on the bathroom counter accept for her new camera which she was just dying to try out. She looked at her self then snapped a couple of photos like one from the side and one from the front followed by measuring her waistline then the size of her belly from the center of her spine to the center of her belly which met at her belly button that looked like it was on the verge of popping out into looking a very pregnant looking belly button.
Maggie looked down at the side of the measuring tape that read off as inches and not centimeters to only be found surprised at the number of inches that she had gained since her little trip down to the convenience store and back just not to long ago. Being shocked as much as surprised, she began to wonder how big could she get with her belly being so stuffed already? The very thought of her watching her belly grow larger then it already was only made her all the more eager to find out.
She unraveled the measuring tape that wrapped around her belly and began to write down the inches that she had gained under the before and after category that she had wrote on the yellow pad of paper. As she wrote, her belly began to gurgle and groan once more in protest of mass amount of food that was inside her so with one hand she placed it on her belly for a few seconds till her belly had calm down then finished up on what she was writing then stood up to admire her belly in the mirror.
" Yes my darling, I know your hungry and I'll feed you very soon just stop misbehaving okay? " Maggie said, talking to her belly in a feeble attempt to negotiate a truce as she patted her belly with joy so that it could hopefully to it calm down but to only let out a loud growl that emerged from the depth's of her belly.
She began to rub and caress her belly once more but didn't know why she liked to do it so much but it felt so good to her when she did it and even liked it. Maggie kept on rubbing and caressing for a couple of minutes more while admiring her form in the mirror then collected all the things that she had brought in the bathroom with her and began to waddle into the hallway that connected to the living room when she decided to a recording of herself for her blog and anyone who watched it.
As Maggie waddled out into the hallway, she fumbled with her camera and set it to record video so that she could let everyone who watched her blog know what she has been up to all day including showing off her new form and maybe even let everyone know what she gonna do next concerning stuffing herself as much food as her belly would allow her to with what little room her belly had left in it to do so was questionable even to her considering that she's practically did nearly everything under the sun that concerned her belly expanding.
" Hey everyone! So as you all know that the last time I posted up a video was when I announced that I was gonna partake in an experiment concerning some pills, now as you all know that those pills that I've been taking were suppose to help me look a little more sexy like having a bigger butt and a much nicer rack but for some reason though, I've been SO hungry lately like I've been stuffing myself all day and well look...." Maggie said as she dropped the things that were in her hands and onto the couch and began to pan the camera down and around her belly, to show off how big her belly has gotten then pulled it back up slowly to show off how big her butt and boobs have gotten then eventually having the camera meet back to her face so that she could continued to talk to it.
" I know, huge right? And guess what? It's only gonna get bigger.... " Maggie said as she panned the camera again but only this time towards the table full of food.
" That's right guys, it's all going to go right here inside my belly or how ever much I can put in it so I'm gonna get started stuffing myself and I'll see you all in a minute. " Maggie said, as she turned off her camera and started to waddle over to her kitchen table that had held all the food that she had gotten at the convenience store on its wooden surface.
Maggie pulled out the kitchen chair that had sat in front of the kitchen table and began to ease herself down into it but only to realize that due to her recent change in size, doing certain things as simple as trying to sit down in a measly wooden chair and climbing up a set of simple stairs has started to become a tasking workout for her that seem to have no end to her constant struggle as to before where she could do it with ease and simplicity but to her though that all this struggle would soon be worth it.
After what felt like an eternity to her, Maggie finally sat herself down in the wooden chair and she decided to take a minute or two just to catch her breath and relax just before her big stuffing. She placed her hands over her loud gurgling belly once more and held it in shock as to how big she had gotten herself and never would have thought that she could ever get this big and was more than excited to see how big she could get herself before making herself sick and ultimately losing all the progress that she had made that day.
Feeling ready, Maggie reached over and grabbed the first bag and began to stuff herself until she could feel the pressure build in her belly and ultimately causing it to expand and grow as she took bite by bite out of the food that she bought till the bag itself was empty and kept on doing the same thing over and over as a routine until she was down to the last bag of food. With the confines of her belly beginning to tighten and lose space, Maggie stopped stuffing herself and began to rub her greatly distended belly as it gurgled and moaned as it rumbled beneath her fingertips in which started to make her think that she wasn't sure if her belly would handle another bite of food going into it as the contents of the grocery bag sat in front of her.
" Ooooh, I'm not so sure that my belly can't handle another bite of food." Maggie said as she rubbed her belly to ease the pressure that was building up inside her and causing it to distend outward even further.
" On second thought, maybe it can handle a tiny bit more." Maggie said patting her expanding belly as it rumbled and gurgled.
She reached over for the final grocery bag and resumed stuffing herself to her heart's content. When she finished, she leaned back into the kitchen chair feeling like she accomplished something when she realized that She had two two liters of soda and a couple of roles of mentos in the grocery bag that she had completely forgotten about so she struggled to sit up but did and reached over for the soda bottles and began to drink both of them down without a second thought followed by eating two entire rolls of mentos after.
She sat back in the kitchen chair feeling over stuffed and extremely full, she looked down at her over sized belly and noticed that her belly button had finally popped out from the extreme stuffing she put herself though in which made the illusion of her pregnant all the more real. Her hand ran over her grumbling belly in astonishment of how big she had grown within a day and she remembered that she had to finish recording her progress so that all her viewers can see how big she had gotten for herself as much as for them.
" Okay guys, I'm - BELCH - ooh excuse me. I'm back from my extreme stuffing and well look how big I've gotten. " Maggie said as she talked to her camera while panning it down, showing off her big belly that rested comfortably on her lap and started to shake it to show how solid it has become.
" I know I'm huge right? I Don't think I can possibly get any bigger let alone stuff anything else into this big ol' gut here. But between you and me though, this belly is gonna keep on growing because I drank two bottles of two litter soda with two roles of mentos on top of that before I turned this camera back on so I'm gonna get even bigger then how I look now. " Maggie said to her camera while right before she panned it back down to record her growing mass of flesh that was attached her frame then panned it back up to her face.
" I just hope that don't pop like balloon before then though. " Maggie said with a smile as she rested her free hand atop of her belly.
Maggie placed the recording camera on the table then leaned back into the chair she was sitting in, and began to record herself admiring her belly. She spent the next several minutes rubbing and adoring the beach ball sized orb that was attached to her frame and even began to shake it back and forth to try and speed up the growth process that her belly was undergoing.
As she continued to rub and shake, she began to feel another wave of pressure build up that was spreading around like an ever expanding spiders web growing inside her. She felt a slight rumble and felt her belly begin to swell beneath her hands which started to turn her on as she watched it push itself out like a balloon being blown up to accommodate for all the food and gases that were in it.
Her belly let out audible gurgling sound that her camera even caught while recording herself. Trying to control the urge to finger herself, she felt her hand creep down toward her expanding waist line to do the dirty deed so she slowly pulled her hand back up over ballooning belly that was pushing her shirt back and making her look like she was about to deliver twins.
" You boys like this? Me rubbing my big ol' food baby belly that doesn't seem to stop growing. " Maggie said, beginning to taunt everyone that would be watching the video when would post it later.
" I'd bet you boys wanna touch it this big, round, thing don't you? I'd bet you even wanna kiss it? " Maggie said, taunting everyone by rubbing and caressing her belly and trying to make it look like she was pregnant by which she did a convincing job.
She continued to taunt and tease her future camera viewers by running her index finger along the hem of her engorged belly while talking in a seductive like tone. Her belly began to make itself known by letting out an audible gurgle that could make even the toughest man look at it in shock but with the constant gurgling sounds that her belly was emitting, she really didn't mind to much any more.
" Ugh, this thing just keeps on growing doesn't it? But you know what? I haven't seen how much bigger I've gotten let alone everyone else so Lets go see how big I am now. " Maggie said to her camera with a smile on her face.
Maggie struggled to get up out of the kitchen chair but did it with some sort of success. She reached over and grabbed her camera then waddled over to her couch to pick up her things that she had dropped on to it but to only have realized how much more difficult it was to bend over with a swelling gut and a feeling like she was carrying around a sack full of rocks that sat on her frame and was beginning to hurt her back and tire herself out.
" Boy, this extra weight I put on is starting to tire me out but I know you boys that are watching are enjoying this so I can live with that. " Maggie said talking to her camera while collecting her things and continued to waddle towards the bathroom.
When she waddled into the bathroom, she felt her belly gurgle and grumble as it started to swell again. She placed her things down as fast as she could without dropping them and started to record her swelling progress as she placed one hand atop of her belly and enjoyed the feeling of herself stretching out and making her already tight shirt push back even far her and exposing more of her titanic mid drift.
Maggie watched as her belly surged outward, feeling the pressure building up inside her and making her grow even more till at one point that her belly had grown so large that the rubber band that was holding her short shorts up could no longer handle the strain of her expanding figure and had ultimately snapped off and flung itself towards the bathroom mirror and fell on to the tile floor of the bathroom. When Maggie heard the rubber band snap off from her short shorts, her belly greedily took up more space that was now available to it and swelled out further and faster then how Maggie could have ever imagined.
Maggie Watched as her once trimmed, petite tummy was now the size of a massively over grown watermelon that was continuing to grow and surge outward, feeling the pressure building up within her and causing to make her feel like she could pop like a balloon at any given moment but never did. When the pressure finally faded, She gazed down at the behemoth that was attached to her frame in total awe as to how big it grew in mere seconds all the while with her hands unknowingly began to creep over her new belly and started to explore the new territory in glee.
" Oof. " Was all that Maggie could say as she rubbed the sides of her gigantic belly while looking at her camera in lust.
" Oh my goodness, I look absolutely huge! I mean I look like I'm having twins! " Maggie said to her camera while she looked at her own reflection in total astonishment.
" Did you guys see that growth spurt by the way? I hope you did because that was all for you and well... maybe me too. " Maggie said as she caressed her belly with a smile while continuing to talk to her camera.
" But seriously I hope you guys saw that last growth spurt I mean that had to have been my biggest to date including this big ol' belly that you all like so much. " Maggie said while talking to her camera and teasing her future viewers.
As she rubbed her belly, she had her hands slowly make their way up to the top of the hem that was her belly and to her breast so that she could grab a mound full of them. She grabbed her breasts and slowly mashed them together to create a crevice like ravine that made her cleavage more pronounced as she slowly knead her breast continuously until it started to turn her on and make herself wanting to finger herself even more but knew she couldn't, not on camera at least so she continued to mash and rub her breast until she could feel herself climaxing and which she knew she had to stop there before it was to late.
As she stopped rubbing her breast, she realized that her bra was slightly snug on her so she went to re-adjust it when she also realized that the pills that she had been taking may have finally taken effect. She remembered reading that it could take awhile before she would start to notice the pills taking effect so she looked in the mirror and began to make her breast bounce and jiggle a little to see if they did get bigger but she wasn't too sure if it was from the pills or the food that she ate finally making her gain weight so she had to find and what better way then to ask her viewers.
" Alright gang, I need to know something and its sort of important. I need to know if my boobs and butt have gotten any bigger from the last video I posted so I figure why not ask you guys instead about it. Like, comment, Subscribe and thank you for watching this video and I'll post a link in the description for anyone too see me with out my shirt on and a surprise as well so yeah, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video. " Maggie said as she blew a kiss to her fan base threw her camera then turned it off.
When she turned it off, she switched her camera setting from video to picture and began to snap pictures of herself her camera like she said she would. She shot pictures of her holding her huge belly and other pictures of holding her breasts and her taking off her shirt like she said she would and her exposing her slightly snug bra with a little bit of her nipples showing at the edges of them to which she started snapping photos of her removing her short shorts and exposing her slightly snug panties and her big butt as a surprise to her fans being so loyal to her.
when she was done snapping photos of herself, she bent over and began to pick up her clothing that she had stripped out of and just as she was picking up her clothing, she suddenly felt a mass shift deep within her again like she had felt just outside of her apartment earlier in the evening so with one hand she calmly placed it on the side of her belly and began to massage it as she used her free hand to pick up her short shorts and tank top. When the feeling subsided, she bent back up and waddled into her bedroom to change into her pajamas and to relax for the rest of the evening while she worked on her vlog by uploading the video she just made along with adding the link to the pictures.
She tossed her clothes onto her bed and began to rummage through her dresser drawer for something comfortable to where considering that the condition she's is in, she pulled out another tank top and a loose set of pajama bottoms that had a stretchy waist band and pictures of cute cartoon bunny rabbits that were plastered all over the pajama bottoms the starting of the waist band to the ending of pants cuffs. She always had a thing for cute little rabbits ever since she was little and though that they looked cute on her especially that the color of the pajama bottoms were a light shade of green with white pin stripes at the seams.
Maggie tossed the outfit she pulled out with the rest of her clothing and began to undo her bra. As she removed her bra, her boobs bounced freely and felt better now that they weren't contained in a tight prison and began to put on her pajamas as quickly as her body could allow her which wasn't very fast like how she usually does it but she didn't mind it. She pulled the tank top over her head to only find that she couldn't pull it passed her breasts which wasn't a surprise to her knowing how big she made her self so she pulled it over her belly as far as she could then she put on her pajama bottoms that still fit her but weren't as loose as she remembered them but didn't mind it either.
As she waddled out of her bedroom, she felt her tank top ride up over her belly again so she pulled it back down as she waddled out into her living room. She sat down with a plop and turned on the her flat screen television and set to the channel she liked which showed all her favorite shows and began to work on her laptop by uploading the video and photos that she took while she was vloging for her fans and began to edit them while she listened to her favorite television show in the back round.
She pulled the laptop over from where she was at sat it on her lap but she had discovered a brand new problem, she couldn't see passed the horizon of her giant belly where her laptop sat on her lap so she picked it up and sat it atop her big belly and began to work on it that way. As she worked, she began to feel her stomach bubble and gurgle again but not out of pressure of the mass quantity of food she had engorged herself this time but out hunger that her belly had now somehow possessed within a matter of minutes.
" Ugh, why are you so hungry all of a sudden my darling tummy? I fed you but I suppose you want more but if I do feed you more then I'm not sure what will happen? I mean for all we know that I might pop from all the food that is in you and we don't want to have that now do we? " Maggie said to herself as she stopped editing and focused on her belly.
As she placed her hand atop of her belly once more and began to rub it motherly in hope that this sudden hunger pain would go away she can continue to work on her laptop, she heard a commercial of a new pizza place that had just opened up a week before Buddie's Buffet did and boy did it look good to her but ignored it. She continued to type and work away on her computer as her giant belly gurgled and growled for more sustenance within it but she continued to ignore it until her belly had teamed up with the television and let out an immensely loud growl while the same pizza ad was playing on her television.
" Oooh, okay, okay tummy, you win. I'll get you more food like that new pizza place huh? Maggie said as she gripped her belly from the incredible emptiness that it made she ultimately submitted into ordering the pizza.
She removed the laptop from atop of her belly and reached over to get her phone while her belly still gurgling and growling for more sustenance from its master to which made her stop again and place one hand on the side of her belly as she reached over to the lamp stand that was just next to her couch and grabbed her cellphone off it while she rubbed her belly in a clockwise motion as Maggie snatched her phone up off of the lamp stand just as her belly gurgled and growled even louder in protest for more food to be put in it.
" Okay,Okay. I'm calling the pizza place now my darling so please calm down. " Maggie said to her belly while patting it politely.
" Now.... 6... 1... 9.... 5... 5... 5... 0... 0... 2... 4... " Maggie said to herself as she called up the pizza place while rubbing her exposed belly as the gurgling and growling coming from it started to dull down but could still be easily heard.
" Ring...Ring...Ring... Welcome to Mighty Joe's pizza, please wait and someone will be right with you..." The automated teller said to Maggie over the phone.
" Great, just great." Maggie said to herself as she held the phone to her her ear held her hand on her gurgling belly while rubbing intently.
After a moment of waiting someone finally picked up that wasn't a machine which made her real happy and began to tell the person what she wanted and where she lived so she could have her food delivered to her. When she got done talking to the pizza guy over the phone, she had been told that she'd have to wait about forty five minutes for her delivery to get there and she understood considering with the amount of food she ordered, she guessed she could wait a few more minutes for her food to get there so she could feed her hungry belly.
" Thank you sir. " Maggie said to the pizza guy over the phone.
" Your welcome and thank you for ordering at Mighty Joe's pizza. " The pizza said back to her.
" .... Click!.... You hear that tummy? food is on the way so please calm down now for mommy okay? " Maggie said pleading to her hungry, engorged stomach.
After a few moments of pleading and talking to her hungry belly, it finally complied into calming down until the food arrived which was going to take awhile and she couldn't work on an empty stomach so she picked her laptop back up and began to write on her blog stating that she felt huge and looked like she swallowed an overly sized watermelon but was still hungry, she even teased a little by putting up a winking face while writing underneath that a hash tag sign followed by " feeling big " and another hash tag sign followed by writing right next to that " a girl's gotta eat " right after that.
She watched the clock that was just above her television while having both hands on her belly just rubbing it slowly to ease the gurgling and hunger noises that her belly would emit out of it every so often that caused her discomfort. As she continued to rub her belly, she began to feel her stomach rumble softly at first but grew intense followed by the sounds of gurgling and the build up of pressure that was spreading through out her distended abdomen like it was being submerged into lukewarm water to which she new exactly what was coming next and that was another growth spurt.
Maggie held the arm of the couch as she watched in awe as her stomach grew another two inches in diameter in both directions while she felt the pressure grow more and more intense inside her. As her stomach grew, so did the noises that was being emitted from it and she began to think that having that much soda and mentos wasn't such a good idea let alone devouring an entire table full of food and eating three plates of everything that was at Buddie's Buffet followed by ordering seven pepperoni and cheese pizza's along with seven extra meat eater's delight pizza's followed by an order of chicken wings and twenty liter coke bottle with a cheeseburger sub on the way as well.
When the growth spurt finally stopped, she looked at her still grumbling belly that was completely exposed to the outside world as it let out a furious growl indicating that it was still hungry and wouldn't wait for its food anymore. Maggie looked up at her clock and it half past nine which meant that her order should be there to greet her soon but her stomach began to protest even more by letting out another growl followed by a powerful empty feeling like she hasn't eaten in days and that was the one thing that she could not stand was that empty feeling that her belly made when it was hungry or at least it thought it was.
" Calm down my darling please? I know that your hungry and the food will be here any moment so no need to.... " Maggie said to her belly aloud as she stopped in mid sentence. 
" knock... Knock... Knock... Pizza Guy! " The pizza guy said aloud through Maggie's apartment door.
" See tummy? I told you that it would be here soon so you shouldn't be so impatient. Maggie said to her belly while she patted it with joy and relief.
Maggie went to get up but due to her recent change in size yet again, she lost her balance as she got to her feet and was forced to hold on to the arm of her couch while she regained her equilibrium. As she placed one hand out on to the arm of the couch, she placed her other hand on the side of her belly as she felt a sudden shift in the massive cargo that she had acquired throughout her day stuffing herself to satisfy her constant craving to fill the empty space in her stomach with as much food as possible till she felt satisfied.
" Whoa, Shifting cargo. " Maggie said as she placed one hand to balance herself and had the other grip the side of her belly as the cargo within began to move from the recent change in position.
" Knock... Knock... Knock... Pizza guy! " The pizza guy said aloud. 
" Yes I know, I'm coming. " Maggie said to the Pizza guy aloud.
" C'mon girl, you can do this! Just one step at a time. " Maggie said to herself as she carefully placed one foot out in front of her.
 As she placed one foot out, she began to stand up slowly so that she could make sure that she wouldn't fall over like how she almost did just a few seconds ago. She slowly let go of the couch and began to straiten her self out by pulling the pushed up bottom part of her tank top back over the fleshy dome that greatly stuck out from her frame as she pulled it down but to only find that it couldn't cover her giant belly all the way but just barely cover a mere fraction of it as it continued to grow. When Maggie had straitened herself out, she slowly but cautiously waddled her way toward the door of her apartment while trying to make sure that she didn't loose her balance so that she wouldn't fall flat on her face due to another growth spurt or by some other means.
 When Maggie had gotten to the front door of her apartment, she was glad that she didn't fall but was out of breath because she had to lug an over inflated beach ball like belly to the front of her apartment that weighted a lot to her but it would be worth it as she sank her teeth into the food that she had ordered. Maggie turned the handle of the door and opened steadily as she placed some of her weight on door to relieve tension on her back to find a that the man who delivered the pizza was a around her age, lanky as a scarecrow, and had put her delivery down just beside him because his arms grew tired from holding the pizza's up for so long. 
 When Maggie had opened the door to her apartment, the lanky scarecrow looking delivery guy was in shock as he saw what he thought was a huge pregnant women that had answered the apartment door and not be a drunk couple ordering out for a bunch of friends that were on a drinking binge with them but he could clearly see how wrong he was and how alone she was. As he looked at her, he couldn't help but stare at her from the top of her golden locks of blonde hair that sat on her head to the bunny pajama bottoms that she was wearing and thought how beautiful she was despite being super pregnant so he began to imagine Maggie laying seductively on his bed while being naked and calling him over so that he could seduce her in anyway he pleased while Maggie stood there in the door way trying to get his attention.
  " what are you staring at? " Maggie said as she asked the pizza guy a question.
  " Ummuh... Ummuh... Ummuh... " The pizza guy said as he was struck by Maggie's beauty.
  " Hello? Anyone there? " Maggie said as she asked the pizza guy a question.
 The pizza guy continued to stare at Maggie while being caught in her beauty while having fantasy's with or without him in them while she tried to get the pizza guy's attention but waving her hand in his face but to only prove nothing. Maggie continued to try and get his attention while he was fantasizing about her plump breast being exposed to him with their pinkish-red nipples and her beautiful skin toned flesh surrounding them when he had a horrifying thought come at him like a freight train at full speed.  
  He thought that if she was there alone and massively pregnant while waiting for her order to get there which meant that she may have a boyfriend that wasn't there and would've been back there at any minute and he didn't want to hit on her knowing that he could anger a boyfriend and a possible father to be while being chased back to his car for dear life by him but he just couldn't help but stare at her in all of her beauty especially when he pictured her naked in the doorway when he heard a sudden snapping like noise that was interrupting his fantasy when he came to realization that she was trying to get his attention by snapping her fingers in front of his face while talking and the fact that drool had started to come out of the corner of his mouth like flowing stream to which he wiped away.
  " What? " The pizza guy said in confusion.
  " I said, what are you staring at? " Maggie said with a stern but calm voice.
  " Oh uh, I was staring at your belly. " The pizza guy said while looking around and trying find a false answer to a question that he didn't wan't to give an actual answer to and her stomach was the first and obvious thing he saw.
  " What? " Maggie said in complete surprise.
  "Yeah, your belly. If I had known that you were pregnant then maybe I wouldn't have been so rude to you earlier when I was knocking on your door like that. " The pizza guy said in false sympathy.
  " Okay, so I can assume that was some kind of an apology? " Maggie said suspicious.
  " Yup. " The pizza guy said with a grin on his face.
  " Oh. " Maggie said non nonchalantly.
 Maggie went to bend down to pick up her big meal when the pizza guy realized what she was doing and insisted upon doing for her considering that it was job and he didn't want her to strain herself while she was carrying what looked like to him was a brood so Maggie offered to invite him inside to which he gladly accepted. As he stepped into Maggie's apartment, he gave a quick look around to see if she had a boyfriend of some kind while she was waddling just ahead of him with both of her hands busy with fixing the front of her tank top as it was riding up her belly while the only thing that he saw was some old photos of friends and family but no sign of a boyfriend and was a very good for him so he smirked as he put her stuff down on her kitchen table that was just before him.
  " That'll be ninety seven dollars and seventy six cents. " the pizza guy said to her with a slight smirk on his face.
  " Hold on a sec while I get my purse. " Maggie said as she waddled over to get her purse off of the other end of her couch.  
  " Sure thing. " The pizza guy said as he watched Maggie's butt bounce slightly as she waddled over to her purse.
 As she struggled to bend over the arm of the couch without having it hit her belly, the pizza guy couldn't help but look at her voluptuous butt as she bent over and tried to grab her purse that sat just a few inches away from the other end of the couch while the pizza guy thought that her butt was huge and began to visualize her sitting on his lap or her letting him grab a mound full of flesh while she held it up against him in his fantasy. 
  Maggie continued to struggle with getting her purse without having to her belly press up against the arm of the couch so that it wouldn't shift and move around all the excess food inside her around causing some kind of disturbance in her stomach and resulting in her loosing all of her progress that she has made by throwing up when she realized that she was being an idiot and began to shuffle herself as quick as she could directly in front of the couch. She reached down and picked up her purse when she felt that her back was hurting and everything that she had consumed beginning to shift inside her again so she placed one hand on the small of her back and the other that was holding her purse against the side of her belly.
  She began to bend back up when she noticed that bending back up was becoming a difficult task to do all in itself due to her size and the rate that her belly was growing without her Knowledge,so she craned herself up when she also realized that the pizza guy was staring at her again with that blank stare and was beginning to suspect that he was staring at something more than her giant belly so she moved the hand that was holding her purse while having it pressed up against the side of her belly and moved it towards the top of the fleshy dome sphere that stuck out in all directions while she carefully placed the purse on top of the arm of the couch so that it could be an easier reach. 
 " Ugh, this belly is hard lug around most of the time. " Maggie said as she ran her hand up along the top of her exposed belly.
  " Uh what? " The pizza guy said, snapping back into reality.
  " You know the babies? They sit on your spine sometimes and cause back pain. " Maggie said to the pizza while rubbing her the top of her belly.
  " Oh yeah. " The pizza guy said, having no clue as to what she was talking about. 
  " And if its not that then it's when you realize that you got a bigger butt because your hips are making room for them so they can get through your birth canal when you go into labor. " Maggie said as she turned slightly and wiggled her hips as much as she could to get a reaction out of the gawking pizza guy.
  " Um Uhhh.... " The pizza guy said as he lost his train of thought.
  Maggie took a quick look at the pizza guy and knew exactly what he was looking at so she decided to take it a step further and see how far can he go without getting him too nervous or too aroused. She planned it out as she continued to wiggle her butt after what she said to him just before his reaction and knew what to do next and that was to bring her breast into play but she didn't know how until the thought came to her but she hoped that she was right that he was really into her. 
  " But, if it's not that then it's when your grow three sizes out of your bra and having to walk around without wearing one while your at the maternity store and you suddenly lactate and having your nipples exposed to the world to see. " Maggie said as she ran her index finger along the side of her belly while running it up to eventually having it meet her cleavage as she stealthily pressed her boobs together slightly that made the pizza guy become putty in her hands.
  " ninety seven, seventy... six p.. please? " The pizza guy said as drool began to spill out of the corner of his mouth once again while he stammered.
  " But you know what though? it's all worth it for these two in here. " Maggie said as she pulled her hands back down seductively and began to caress and rub her belly in subtle circles that no one would really notice.
 " sound like y..your exited to be a mom. I'd that your boyfriend is proud to know that. " The pizza guy said as he stammered and tripped over his sentences.
 " The boyfriend isn't in the picture. " Maggie said to the pizza guy.
 " He... Isn't? " The pizza guy said sounding surprised.
 " Nope, Hasn't been in awhile. I'd say seven months give or take. " Maggie said to the pizza guy.
 " Um uh, how come? " The pizza guy said, asking her an obvious and probably stupid question. 
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet
And that is the end of part one ladies and gentlemen! Make sure you fav this story and hit that subscribe button for me will ya? Oh and this is my very first story I've posted up so tell me what you think? Part two of this story is on the way which I may add that I ran out of room so this became a series :) 


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