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The Spellbound Sister :iconcesands:CESands 53 13
Something to hold you over... for awhile longer
    Laying in her soft yet comfy bed that was fit for a king and had costed her a small fortune, Eva layed on her side as the thing that was growing inside her belly had began to squirm around because it was running out space from each growth spurt that is had undergone. Eva had gone through some restless nights from the constant movement that were caused by other foreign embryonic life that she had hosted before this one, so she had started to consume a very powerful sedative which had helped her sleep through some sleepless nights when she couldn't fall asleep from the constant activity within her big belly.
  The thing inside her had grown so rambunctious that it pushed the interior wall of Eva's stomach out hard enough to where she it had awoken her out of her slumber like sleep. With her eye's propping open as she felt a shock wave of rippling pain that made her cringe in pain, Eva's hand shot up from underneath the white blankets that she slept under and gingerly p
:iconcesands:CESands 46 12
Something to Hold you over...
  Walking through the door of her lavishing and expensive house, the first thing to enter within the dark hallway was a belly that stuck out far from the average sized women's slender frame which quaked and shook with each step that she had taken within the marvelous structure that she had called her home. Pushing the front door of her house to a close, she turned it's locks to the right and dropped her house keys within a small yet beautiful purple bowl that looked like it must have been worth a fortune as her stomach began to remind her of how big it had gotten through the course of the evening as it let out a loud yet low groan that sounded like it had came from a wounded wildebeest that she kept within her back yard.
   " It's okay. We're done for the evening, so you can relax now. " Eva cooed to her belly, trying to calm it down as it continued to let out loud noises in distress.
   Patting her large belly gingerly with her right hand, she heard another lo
:iconcesands:CESands 67 12
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.7
  " Because you won't. " Kurt said to Jenna bluntly.
  " Oh Great. " Jenna said while she rolled her eyes in slight agitation.
  " Yeah, sorry but you have to get her back to my laboratory as soon as you can. " Kurt said to Jenna.
  " How come? " Jenna said, asking her a question. 
  " If you don't get her down here in time, then there is a great possibility that she might burst after her water breaks. " Kurt said to Jenna.
  " She's going to what?! " Jenna said, shouting in shock.
   Hearing Jenna's shout coming from the other room within the apartment, Maggie craned her head within direction of the shout as she began to wonder what the red headed women was yelling about so she rocked herself up off of her soft bed and began to waddle toward the entrance of her bedroom when she felt another wave of pain engulf her entire supremely swollen abdomen that was holding all the little lives of each individual that the serum had created. She g
:iconcesands:CESands 13 6
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.6
  While Kurt and Jenna were trying to portray the act of a couple who had just got done having sex in the back seat of a car, the guard who was posted at the desk was all to busy with the basketball game that he was watching to really care or notice for that matter until he heard the cries of laughter echoing in the distance to which were getting louder with each passing second. Looking up into the direction where he heard the echoing sounds of laughter coming from, he saw that Dr. Crainwell had his arms wrapped around the waist of a young red head that was accompanying him to which was asking him to stop kissing her where she seemed to be ticklish while she tried to speak through a constant giggle that kept on interrupting her pleads every few seconds.
  " It seem's kind of late for you to be here Dr. Crainwell. " The guard said with a curious eye. 
  Kurt looked up from where his face was buried into the neck of Jenna, seeing that they both had gotten th
:iconcesands:CESands 14 0
BellyGirl fan art- Big Belly by CESands BellyGirl fan art- Big Belly :iconcesands:CESands 135 10 BellyGirl fan art by CESands
Mature content
BellyGirl fan art :iconcesands:CESands 20 6
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.5
   Jenna followed the the random customer known as Clay down the spiral stair case that led to an old elevator shaft just beneath the bakery shop that they were just in and to an old elevator that looked like it hasn't been used in decades to which made Jenna nervous as to why he was leading her to some place eerie and looked like something out of a Friday night horror flick. As the random customer known as Clay stepped onto the old elevator, Jenna did not but instead stood there looking at it's rusted structure with a worried look on her face because she was she didn't want to be in a elevator that looked like it came out of the Victorian era.
  " What's wrong? " The random customer known as Clay said, asking Jenna a question.
  " This thing looks like it's ready to give way. " Jenna said to the random customer known as Clay who stood inside the elevator.
  " I can promise you that it will not fall anytime soon so please get on because we're on a time schedule
:iconcesands:CESands 21 5
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.4
   Maggie knew that she needed to do something in order stop the elevator long enough until her growth spurt had ended so she slowly reached out for the red button the wall of the elevator that said emergency stop when the intensity of the pressure build up grew so much that she almost immediately jerked her hand back and grabbed the side her stomach while she let out a moan that expressed the agony of what she was going through. As she moaned, she felt the elevator stop at the destination that she chose for it followed by a loud bell like sound going off that signified that Maggie had reached her destination so she started to panic as she didn't know what to do.
As she looked up and saw the light just above the elevator doors turn on to the floor that she picked so she prepared herself heard of worried people coming to her aid and someone calling for an ambulance to take her to the hospital for what she assumed that they would think was that she had gone into labor when the
:iconcesands:CESands 31 4
Sally - Big and Bare by CESands Sally - Big and Bare :iconcesands:CESands 45 0 Sally - Quite a big girl by CESands Sally - Quite a big girl :iconcesands:CESands 29 0 Sally by CESands
Mature content
Sally :iconcesands:CESands 3 0
Maggie ( Thin and in a bikini top ) by CESands
Mature content
Maggie ( Thin and in a bikini top ) :iconcesands:CESands 3 0
Maggie ( Thin ) by CESands
Mature content
Maggie ( Thin ) :iconcesands:CESands 5 2
Maggie by CESands Maggie :iconcesands:CESands 97 10
Big trouble at Buddie's buffet pt.3
  Maggie picked up her hand off of her belly and stuck it in the mounds of flesh that presented themselves as her cleavage and pulled out her cell phone that she had stuck between her two fleshy orb like breasts so that she could call up her boss to let her know that she won't becoming in to work and had decided to take some time off for some rest and relaxation but there was one problem, Maggie didn't know if she'll be needed tonite as her job has an tendency to get rather hectic and her being called back in to help out with the craziness that circles around it a lot like a school of sharks that were on a feeding frenzy but considering that she couldn't even fit into her work clothes without ripping them to shreds so she knew that she had to call her boss up even if there was craziness at her job or not. 
  Going through her contacts on her phone, she went all the way down the list of names that she knew until she stopped at the name that she recognized as her boss. Mag
:iconcesands:CESands 25 0


Mature content
Amelie's Wish :icontinythemountain:tinythemountain 46 3
Natural Progression by Xcel-Zero Natural Progression :iconxcel-zero:Xcel-Zero 279 8 Lady Salome pregnant on the beach by MaBeelZ
Mature content
Lady Salome pregnant on the beach :iconmabeelz:MaBeelZ 545 6
Another scene from real life by Maternal-reads Another scene from real life :iconmaternal-reads:Maternal-reads 377 9 CM - Summoning Ritual Gone...Wrong? by PressurizedPleasure
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CM - Summoning Ritual Gone...Wrong? :iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 849 9
Pregnant 128 by BosephJose Pregnant 128 :iconbosephjose:BosephJose 172 2 Paint me like one of your french girls by Choppington Paint me like one of your french girls :iconchoppington:Choppington 460 15 Pregnant Milf 4 by ThatOneWanderer
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Pregnant Milf 4 :iconthatonewanderer:ThatOneWanderer 56 0
Come to Bed, Dear by Sidkid44 Come to Bed, Dear :iconsidkid44:Sidkid44 594 20 Patreon | Yunon's July Portrait by Venatari Patreon | Yunon's July Portrait :iconvenatari:Venatari 292 22 Big Round Belly by LordAltros Big Round Belly :iconlordaltros:LordAltros 1,138 58 Ritual of Summoning by soft-circles
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Ritual of Summoning :iconsoft-circles:soft-circles 201 6
Do You Like... DARKNESS? by Xcel-Zero Do You Like... DARKNESS? :iconxcel-zero:Xcel-Zero 541 26 Sweet heart ,I can't hide this.....I am sorry..... by a022412 Sweet heart ,I can't hide this.....I am sorry..... :icona022412:a022412 217 4 Patreon - Arkham's Queen of Curves by PressurizedPleasure
Mature content
Patreon - Arkham's Queen of Curves :iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 763 21


Nicely done. The color and mood is accurate, the feel OH! YES!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! IT is so fantastic and she is so beautiful!!!!I need mo...

its okay but the story needs work though and the technique needs to be good improved a little bit more but the originality is Perfect i...



Well... I can understand you taking my joke the wrong way, but accusing me of being disrespectful and acting like you have not done the something on multitude of occasions ( which you have done so ) you are just lucky I have taken my meds and I am currently calm..... I hate contradicting people....
Could someone please end my misery..... Stop my suffering and let me be at rest. I cannot take this much more, life has painted a target on my back and is not getting rid of it until I am dead.....
You wanna criticize and complain about how fresh food taste funny when it is FARM FRESH! You wouldn't know something good if it smacked you in the fucking face. In that case, fuck you...... I am tired of this bullshit.
Hey there my followers, go check this page out.... The Curse of my Affliction part 1 by SilentGate on deviantart…
I'm writing a story and its a big secret


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Cj Krypts
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Just another brother, trying to make it through this complex maze we call life.


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